Saturday, March 24, 2012

ALEC VOTER ID Passes in Minnesota

Because the members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).in Minnesota knew the governor would veto any legislation to this effect – they went with a constitutional amendment.  The ALEC members in Minnesota by doing so – told me that my vote for Governor Dayton wasn’t worth diddly shit.  The ALEC members in Minnesota by doing so – told me that they don’t give a rats ass about anyone but Minnesota ALEC members – what they want – what ALEC wants and probably getting the extra something, something in their ALEC "educational reimbursements".

Let me start first with a story of my own:
For the 2008 elections – my son had just returned from two tours in Iraq and seven years in the military – serving in one of the most elite branches of the US Armed Forces.  He DID NOT have identification that showed his current address – my house – and I had to vouch for him at the polls.  He fought for the freedom of Americans to vote and unfortunately he fought for the ability of Republicans to take over the government in the state of Minnesota and take away the vote for Minnesotans.

I am truly disgusted with Minnesota Republicans.
Minnesota Republicans have passed an amendment that to me is so horrendous that over time I will come back to this over and over and over and over and over again.
I am so pissed off – I can’t come up with a coherent set of sentences to voice my rage.

Excerpts from the comments shown in the right wing rag – Star Tribune -  at the end of their article about Voter ID passing.

"I'm sorry Mr. Franklin, Mr. Jefferson and General Washington, you cannot vote in our newly founded democracy because you don't have a photo ID card."

If this was a good idea it would enjoy bipartisan support. As is quite clear at this point, it is a fraud being perpetrated on the voters by republicans in a raw quest for power. They should be ashamed that they feel the need to lie and subvert the system in order to maintain their place in office!

      the Republicans just won a major victory over democracy. If you can't win fair and square, change the rules.

I think it's also telling, and damning, that white males are the prominent ones debating and deciding who can vote and who can't.

I am ashamed and sickened at what the Minnesota Republican party has become. They have lost touch with the great idea of democracy...that encouraging everyone to vote strengthens us as a people. They have gone mad with the belief that when they lose elections, it is because too many blacks, too many students, and too many of the poor are too easily voting.

Forcing someone to go get an ID, which requires one to pay a fee, is the same as a poll tax.

If you're truly a conservative or a libertarian, you should be against any form of government intervention to the voting process.

I say you need to own land to vote. Also blacks votes' only count as two thirds of a vote. Also women can't vote since they are not as informed as men. You also need to be Christian, cuz those crafty Arabs will vote for terrorists. While we are at it, let's turn the calender back to 1850. It's only a number, right? Stupid, bigoted Republicons!

If one legitimate voter is denied the right to vote because that person doesn't have the resources to get ID, a citizen of the United States has been disenfranchised. Homeless people have an absolute right to vote. IDs require a permanent address, therefore thousands of people will potentially be denied the right to vote. The fact this will often mean the poor and minorities is an all too convenient fact for Republicans, who could care less if certain people have any rights at all, let alone the right to vote. Being poor is not a crime. Voter ID is the new poll tax.

So I'll no longer be able to vote absentee and my son's vote (he's in the Navy) will no longer count. What about my uncle who hasn't driven in 10 years and doesn't have a current ID. He fought in Guadalcanal and now is prohibited from voting. This is a sad day for Minnesota.

And my final word on this:
FUCK YOU Minnesota ALEC members.

I will pray for you every single day – multiple times a day.
That you will rot in hell on the day of judgment
and trust me – that day will come.  

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