Monday, March 19, 2012

Franson (MN) - I have a Question for You!

Mary Franson, a freshman representative in Minnesota recently compared feeding those who are down on their luck and in need -  to feeding wild animals.

She received a "joke" from another Repug that she thought needed to be included in her comments to consitutents.  Open mouth, insert foot - NO!  open mouth, tell the public what you are really thinking and feeling - becauseyoucan.

This is very telling when you consider the following statistics for the county that she comes from:
·   Federal Poverty level is $22,050 for a family of four (2009).
·   12.0% poverty rate in Douglas County (US Census Bureau-(Poverty Stats last 12 months).
·   4,225 individuals are considered in poverty for Douglas County in the last 12 months (US Census Bureau).
·   10,376 individuals are actually eligible for government assistance such as free and reduced lunches, energy assistance and other programs.
·   $53, 952 is the Cost of Living for a family of four with two working adults in Douglas County (each earning at least $12.97 per hour). (Jobs Now Coalition)
·   Median Household Income in Douglas County is $44,295 for a family of four (U.S. Census Bureau 2007).
·   Food Shelf usage is up 45% in last year.
·   28.6% of the children in Douglas Country receive free/reduced lunch.
·   Douglas County Outreach Food Shelf served 2,726 Households, 3,349 Children, 4513 Adults and 160 Seniors for a total of 401,100 pounds.

Evidently Ms Franson is  in the State legislature to only serve the people in her district that don't have financial need.  Evidently Ms. Franson is okay with children in her district going to bed hungry – while their parents  try to pull themselves up by their bootstraps (the famous Repug mantra).  Evidently, seniors that are hungry is not an issue for Ms. Franson.

This past weekend Franson wrote an opinion piece in the right wing rag the Mpls Star Tribune.  You would have thought that she would have spent that time and editorial space apologizing to the citizens of the state of Minnesota – but NO – she did not. 

Below is an excerpt from the editorial, which was titled: “It's a shame politicians avoid risks”:
I can't help but look east, to Wisconsin, where I see a Republican Party of courage and conviction.

One doesn't have to agree with any or all of what Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans have advanced in order to admire their sheer lack of wimpishness that is never belied in private by cowardice dressed up as political sobriety.

Nowhere in America are differences within the same political party greater than those between the Wisconsin and Minnesota Republican Parties.

Her passion for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  led right wing extremism that is happening in Wisconsin can’t help me start wondering if there isn’t more to a question that I asked in a recent blog entry regarding an expense that showed up on her 2010 campaign report.
     questions regarding Ms Franson’s travel right after she was elected in 2010.

ALEC States & Nation Policy Summit 
Dec. 1-3, 2010
Washington DC

So I guess my questions would be:

To Mary Franson - What was the purpose of the trip in Washington DC that you took on 12/1/2010 that would be consided expense for serving in public office and who sponsored that training?

I guess we will never know - until someone from her district asks the question.

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