Thursday, March 22, 2012

NRA Buys US Senate LOUSY Gun Bill for $162,504

Saw this on ThinkProgress just now
Yet, even in the wake of this tragedy, Senate Republicans continue to push a reckless effort to force every state to follow the nation’s laxest gun laws:

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) and 28 other Senate Republicans on Tuesday introduced a bill that would allow people authorized to carry concealed weapons in their home state to do the same in other states that allow concealed carry, without requiring a federal permit.

More importantly, this bill is a terrible idea. As ThinkProgress explained when a similar bill advanced in the House, the bill is strongly backed by the NRA, and it would enable residents of states with shockingly lax gun laws to carry concealed firearms nearly anywhere in the country.

From the Hill piece that Think Progress based some of their info on you have this paragraph:
Thune has introduced similar legislation before, and in 2009 it received 58 votes in support — a majority, but two shy of the 60 votes needed to dodge a filibuster under Senate rules.

How much does it cost to push a  reckless effort to force every state to follow the nation’s laxest gun laws?

How much does it cost to bring the nation down to the lowest common denominator of concealed weapon destruction?

Over three years – $162,504

$162,504 – so people who want their gun rights - can kill anybody in any state – with their concealed weapon – while the rest of us have no say.

NRA - Wins
Citizens = LOSE

 So I went looking and cutting and pasting and adding up what the sponsor and the co-sponsors have received from the:

Candidate Contributions

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