Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#OccpuyPA - Wednesday March 7 - ALEC Voter ID

I know it's late and I know the chances of this happening are slim

But Harrisburg is within earshot of a lot of people and
Wednesday March 7th the Senate is going to vote on the ALEC Voter ID bill.

I saw the post about this on Daily Kos and the diarist wrote this:
The fact that the party that claims to support individual liberty is constantly coming up with ways to restrict liberty is an irony all on itself. However, all joking asides, legislation like HB 934 does not create the kind of Commonwealth that Pennsylvanians need, or deserve. While, I fear it is too late to stop this bill from reaching Governor Corbett's desk, bills like these are the very reason Pennsylvania needs to become the 25th state in the Union to offer her citizens the power of legislative referendums.

I have faith in the East Coast - it is not too late to say NO to this ALEC Voter ID bill.

Make it a statewide day of non-violent direct action to reclaim your votes.

Please #Occupy Harrisburg and let them know that ALEC Voter ID is not what Pennsylvania wants or needs.

Say NO! to the ALEC Voter ID.


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