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MN Voter Fraud MYTH – Recent Recounts Prove It

Many people are not aware that the passage of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Voter ID bill in Minnesota – as a constitutional amendment -  is totally unneeded.

Recent history in the state has shown that Minnesota does NOT NEED VOTER ID.
Recent history has shown that Minnesota elections are NOT FRAUDULENT!

The passage of ALEC’s Voter ID was nothing but a ALEC feather in ALEC State-Chair Kiffmeyer’s hat.  This isn't about voter fraud - it is about further pushing the ALEC pro-business agenda in the state of Minnesota.

But, history proves that her argument and her position are wrong.

Her actions just confirm the fanatical commitment that ALEC members have to the founder of ALEC - Paul Weyrich and his extremist right wing - we must win, at any cost - philosophy.

Don't ever forget this!!!!

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2008 US Senate Race: Coleman v Franken

The Whole Story—The Franken/Coleman Recount & Election Contest

Letting people see the whole story can sometimes change the course of history.

In 2008, Minnesota’s US Senate race was decided by a several hundred votes out of more than two million cast. The recount and resulting election contest dragged on for nearly eight months. At stake: the 60th Democratic vote that could thwart a Republican filibuster.

In today’s hyper-partisan politics you might expect a race this close with so much at stake would be appealed to the US Supreme Court. At minimum you’d expect that the losing party would gain a lot of media attention by claiming the election had been stolen. Normally that would be true, but in this case the media didn’t give those claims any credibility.


Because the media and the rest of the world had been able to watch every moment of the recount and election contest live. On top of that, there was an indisputable video record of every moment. All of this thanks to The UpTake which livestreamed every day of the recount and trial.

And then there is this:
The Supreme Court said it may have been only by 312 votes, but Franken clearly won. The Canvassing Board said it. A three-judge Minnesota district court election contest panel said it. And now the five-judge state Supreme Court said it.

Unanimously every time. All in all, a dozen judges sided with Franken.

2010 MN Governor’s Race:  Dayton – Emmer 

Dayton will become the first Democrat to be elected Minnesota governor since 1986, after a statewide recount confirmed he received the most votes and the state Supreme Court left his opponent with few options to challenge the results.


Emmer attorney Eric Magnuson said the campaign agreed to certify results from the Nov. 2 count because it was clear Emmer could not prevail in the recount.

The canvassing board then certified the election.

Emmer said he wanted to let the recount take its course before conceding. He had also been waiting for a written opinion from the state Supreme Court, which two weeks ago denied a petition by the Emmer campaign requesting that election officials match the number of ballots with the number of voter signatures from Election Day

Minnesota Legislative Recounts in 2010

Rochester, Minn. (AP) — A recount has confirmed Republican Rich Murray as the winner of a southern Minnesota House seat that had been held the past four years by Democrat Robin Brown.

Murray led Brown by 57 votes entering the recount. The Post-Bulletin of Rochester reports that the recount in Mower and Freeborn counties found no change.
And another

According to the unofficial recount totals as posted on the Secretary of State’s web site, Republican Kelby Woodard has defeated incumbent DFLer David Bly for the state house seat in District 25B. The recount has Woodard with 8,903 votes to Bly’s 8,886. That’s six more votes than the unofficial election night machine count. The state canvassing board will certify the results in mid-December, making the results official.
And another

The accuracy of voting machines and the exactitude of recounts was confirmed today when Republican King Banaian won the recount in House District 15B over DFLer Carol Lewis.

The day began with Banaian, a St. Cloud State economics professor and radio personality, ahead by 10 votes. After votes were counted in Stearns, Sherburne and Benton counties — which have precincts in the House district long held by the DFL — Banaian won by eight votes.

on the ALEC VOTER ID Amendment
in November 2012.

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