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Stand Your Ground = ALEC Castle Doctrine Act

The legislation apparently preventing the successful prosecution of Trayvon Martin's killer was reportedly adopted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as model legislation that the shadowy group has spent years promoting across the country with the help of their allies in the National Rifle Association.

The Florida legislation was sponsored by two good little ALECers - doing what they do best.
Co-sponsors of the Florida bill:
Durrell Peaden
Dennis Baxley

And according to a 2005 CDC conference biography about Peaden:
He has served or is currently a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Health
Care Task Force, the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Executive Committee of the Health and Human Services Task Force,

Rep. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala), attended 2011 ALEC Annual Meeting, sponsored 2005 SB 436 "Castle Doctrine Act" based on ALEC model.  He was the original sponsor of the Voter ID measure being pushed in Florida and was quoted as saying: 

"It's a great place to share model legislation and a great place to learn what's going on in other parts of the country," said Baxley, who sponsored a major rewrite of Florida's election laws that's under challenge in court.

Baxley said his so-called 2005 castle doctrine bill, which allows people in Florida to use deadly force to defend themselves in their homes or cars, became a model for other states.

"A lot of ideas get shared and aired there," Baxley said. "It's a very collaborative process."

And if youa re thinking this is going to be a slam dunk in court - Don't kid yourself!
Florida judges have already dismissed murder cases using the Florida Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground legislation.

This case could already heighten the already tense debate over the “Stand Your Ground” law, which went into effect in Florida in 2005. As of last October, the law had been in effect for five years and was invoked in 93 cases that caused 65 deaths statewide.

Does your state have the Castle Doctrine?

Does your state have ALEC's Castle Doctrine on Steroids
Last month Minnesota tried to pass the ALEC Castle Doctrine Act - On Steriods - to expand our current ALEC Castle Doctrine Act.

ALEC Castle Doctrine Act on Steriods means
imminent threat is not necessary - JUST PERCEIVED threat
NOT just at your house - but from your car, boat, or tent.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED IN WISCONSIN - with their Castle Doctrine on Steroids.
Another state - another life taken away.  AND NO Prosecution.
Bo Morrison was among a group of people who fled from an underage drinking party in a next-door garage and was hiding inside the porch when he was shot at about 2 a.m. March 3.

The homeowner acted lawfully and in self-defense when he armed himself, encountered Morrison in the darkened room and killed him with a single gunshot from a .45 caliber revolver


AND THEN YOU HAVE NORTH CAROLINA - their Castle Doctrine on Steroids inludes THE WORKPLACE - talk about being able to go postal with the law defending you.


And here's a bit from Philly where a civil lawsuit is being pursued after an acquittal based on Pennsylvania's Castle Doctrine.

>>>>READ IT HERE<<<<

The NRA isn't the only ALEC corporate member that should be noted in the press for this.
EVERY ALEC corporate member - who has subsidized the operations of ALEC should be linked to these horrible tragedies. 

When corporations pay up to $50,000 to write, review, revise and vote on legislation - they should take responsibility for the legislation passed by ALEC - regardless!

For a partial list of ALEC corporate members, ALEC trade association members and ALEC nonprofit members - see this.

I wonder how many times ALEC has sent one of "their experts" to testify on behalf of the Castle Doctrine legislation - in front of state legislators - in front of supreme courts - in front of appeals courts  ----   how much time and money has been spent across the United States to pass this legislation and then to make sure the courts don't knock it down (you are aware that ALEC defends its issues - even all the way to the US Supreme Court.)

 And think about it ...
- has this happened in your state too
- and been overlooked or under-reported?

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