Sunday, March 11, 2012

MN Anti-ALEC Rally - Tues., March 13 - State Capital - 3 to 6 pm

Rally Against Money in Politics
and the American Legislative Exchange Council

Fight the Corporate Attack on Democracy
STOP the "Right to Work"
STOP the  "Voter ID" Laws,
Defend the Rights of Immigrants

Occupy Minneapolis is holding a rally against the influence of money in politics this Tuesday, March 13th, from 3 to 6pm, on the steps of the state capitol.  Join us in one of the defining political battles of our time, the fight to get corporate money out of politics.

Speakers from AFSCME
Jack Nelson Pallmeyer, for MNASAP
Mike Dean, for Common Cause
Mike Cavlin, for the Green Party
Liz Loeb, Opponent of "Voter ID" laws
Michale Katch, for the Independence Party
And More!


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