Saturday, March 3, 2012

MOVE YOUR MONEY - How Many Times Do You Need to Get Screwed?


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From Alternet - TODAY

  1. Bank of America may charge up to $25 per month for checking accounts.
  2. Wells Fargo starts charging $15 per month for non-wealthy checking customers.
  3. Citibank's fees go sky-high.

Put your money into your community
and NOT into dividend checks for the 1%

The "Move Your Money" project is big... and it will hurt Wall Street vastly more than most people realize. This is because for every $1 moved out of the Wall Street banks, $20 is moved out of the Wall Street casino.

Wait... what??? It's true. You think your $1,000 savings account is too small to matter? Think again. Say you move your $1,000 out of a Wall Street bank, and into a local bank or credit union. You're immediately injecting $1,000 of capital into your local economy,

PLEASE keep the movement alive.

Snips from Common Dreams
Our money has been used to make the system worse—what if we used it to make the system better?

This change, it turns out, was much more than anecdotal. A new analysis from the firm Javelin Strategy and Research found that, in the last 90 days, Americans changed banking providers at three times the normal rate, with 5.6 million people moving their money to a different bank

PLEASE keep the movement alive.

  • Invest in main street, not wall street
  • End too big to fail
  • Fewer fees, more savings
  • Get more personal service
  • Lend a hand to local businesses

The big banks have the financial resources and the political connections to water down nearly every legislative attempt at reform. Yet the one thing we have more then the banks? The collective power of you and me

Put your money into your community
and NOT into dividend checks for the 1%

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