Thursday, June 14, 2012

ALEC Charter School Push – A Failure

FAILS in relation to cost.
AND this will probably the first of many reports like this!!!

The experiment of the free market - pushed on us by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and their many Corporate Profit Sector Sponsors.

The experiment of the free market - pushed on us by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and their many ALEC Legislative Members - who reap the benefits of the many Corporate Profit Sector Sponsors.

An experiment - that's all it is folks and over and over and again - these ALEC free market experiments are costing taxpayers more money - while the profit sector steals it for revenues to pay to their stockholders and CEOs.

Think about your local school district – if they run short on money – they either have to get a referendum passed to get more money – or they have to cut costs.

NOT SO for charter schools.
They get to steal public tax dollars with no oversight and no way of regulating or slowing the money they spend.
No oversight of tax dollars.

WHY – cause charter schools are FOR PROFIT entities that the state gives your tax dollars to.
Charter schools - who have NO moral ethical or legal responsibility to the tax payers who put more revenues in their for profit coffers.

NOW tell me -  public vs private
Control over how your tax dollars are spent vs padding the revenue of a for profit charter school with no say and no control over how your tax dollars are spent.

Think about it –
Your property taxes going up and up and up
AND NOT TO increase student performance
Just to put more revenue in the pockets of a for profit entity.

And here’s an example of ALEC charter school experiment 
– the ALEC privatization of education agenda 
– and the waste of taxpayer money 
– because of ALEC “model” legislation and ALEC legislators.

Case in Point – Florida – my emphasis
The charter school industry is growing rapidly in Florida and while the schools are funded solely by tax dollars, current law requires little accountability of how those tax dollars are spent.

And Channel 9's Lori Brown discovered a charter school company operating three Orange County schools recently tripled its management fees.

The for-profit management company, Accelerated Learning Solutions out of Nashville, Tenn., raised its fee from $1 million in 2010 to nearly $3.2 million in 2011.

And the fee is charged on top of the school’s operating expenses, Brown said.

Under current law, finding out how much in tax dollars are going to profit is impossible. ALS will not tell WFTV how much it is profiting off tax dollars, and it doesn’t have to, according to the law.

 As our enrollment increases, so will our management fees,” said Angela Whitford-Narine, the regional director of ALS.

But while the management fee increased 200 percent, enrollment only increased 38 percent.

Read the whole thing  >>>>>HERE<<<<<

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