Monday, June 18, 2012

An ALEC Membership Is Risky

Good article today on how ALEC membership can be toxic for Corporate Sector Members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ACCEPTABLE RISK? – American Legislative Exchange Council
REPUTATIONAL RISK? – Member of American Legislative Exchange Council
FUNDING RISK? – American Legislative Exchange Council
GUILT BY ASSOCIATION?  – Member of American Legislative Exchange Council

Snips from “Guilt by Association”
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Like it or not, companies are being defined by their memberships and indirect ties to controversial causes and politicians. It’s a case of “guilt by association.”

The ideal approach is to understand and accept a group’s entire mission before agreeing to fund it. But this isn’t going to happen all the time. Donors should still be clear about what activities and issues they will and won’t support.

If the group is so large that a donor can’t possibly agree with all of its priorities, a company needs to consider its reputational risk and decide if the tradeoffs are worth it

If a company decides it wants to engage directly in a social issue — whether it’s gay rights, environmentalism or fair trade — it needs to know the expectations of employees, customers and investors ahead of time. And it also should make sure its affiliations with outside groups look and feel consistent with its stated commitments.

It is right that consumers should speak out!
It is the consumer's money that corporations are using to fund ALEC.
Corporations don’t “just make money” – they have to sell something to get money.
Therefore – it is the right of consumers to say NO! to their money being used to fund ALEC.

And here is an ALEC-er that agrees with consumer action!

Previously aired Friday June 15th
From “A Former Minnesota Lawmakers Forum”
Section 8

Near the end of the segment - sorry I can't give you just that snip.
Even though the following comment was not made in relation to the DumpALEC campaign
-  it is worth repeating for all to see and hear.

Laura Brod
ALEC Public State Chair,
Public Sector Member of the ALEC Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy and 
ALEC featured speaker 

"I think it’s appropriate that consumers then weigh in to make their voices heard and then you will see where businesses lay in the end."

Go for it folks -

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