Tuesday, June 5, 2012

State Farm LIES About ALEC Participation

This all started when I was reading a right wing defence article about how wonderful ALEC is and about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is being unjustly highlighted (today there was an article accusing us of “bullying” ALEC – now that is juvenile!).

So it all started  with a rightie telling people to stand with ALEC.  The author even makes this statement regarding State Farm.

State Farm has bravely stood firm in its funding for ALEC. So the large center-right majority  in this country who believe in much of ALEC’s message of federalism and limited government needs to stand with State Farm.

In the article, the author applauded State Farm for their pro-ALEC stand  and provided a link to the State Farm response to a request from a policyholder to quit ALEC.

In response to a letter written to S Hokin of Wisconsin – State Farm made this reply;

Contrary to what has been portrayed, ALEC exists chiefly as a forum to research and promote discussion on public policy matters.  It is legally prohibited from making campaign contributions due to its tax entity status.  Many of Wisconsin’s largest employers, including major insurance companies, participate in ALEC among other such organizations.  At State Farm, our work with ALEC is limited to research projects for use by public officials considering matters that impact the affordability and accessibility of insurance.

Do we agree with or support every position taken by ALEC or other public policy groups we associate with?  Certainly not – and this includes positions taken on insurance-related matters.   But even when we disagree, we remain engaged

They don’t agree with all of ALEC’s public policy – yet they continue to fund it?  That is a double standard and a two-faced reply if I ever read one.  Let's see - would that be comparable to a statement like -  I don't believe in the philosophy of the Klu Klux Klan - but I donate to it every year?

“But even when we disagree, we remain engaged” in destroying the US democracy and democratic republic that is built on representation of, by, and for the people.

They state that their work is limited to “research projects”  -ehhhhhh –
Probably NOT

State Farm is on the
    Financial Services[2]
    Labor and Business Regulation
    Transportation and Infrastructure

Not only are they on the “task force”
    Glenn Vaad (R-CO), Public Sector Chair
    Emory Wilkerson (Lead Counsel/Managing Attorney, State Farm Insurance),
       Private Sector Chair

   • Business and Entrepreneurship
   • Employment Policy and Regulatory Reforms
   • Financial Services and Consumer Banking
   • Government Procurement
   • Property and Casualty Insurance
   • Transportation and Infrastructure
   • Workers’ Compensation Reform
   • Workers’ Rights and Labor Union Reforms

The CIED Task Force has considered and adopted a variety of model resolutions and bills on the above issues. Many of these model bills emphasize free-market solutions that will encourage both growth in the business community and opportunity for workers and consumers. Some notable examples follow:
   • State Council on Competitive Government
   • Business Exit Interview Act
   • Regulatory Flexibility Act
   • Multiple Award Schedule Contracts
   • Establishing a Public Private Partnership (P3) Authority Act
   • Long Term Asset Management Act

Items one and five on the list - privatize government services and goods.  They establish what our crappy ex-governor Tim Pawlenty referred to as the "Google test" - if you can find the goods or services offered privately on Google - the government should not be providing the service / good..

And then you have this info:
If both the Co-Chairs of a Task Force are in agreement that they should have jurisdiction on model legislation or a resolution, the legislation or resolution will be considered by the Task Force.

Joint referral of model legislation and/or resolutions are allowed if all the affected Task Force Co-Chairs agree.

The National Chair and the Private Sector Board Chair will rely upon the Task Force Board Committee Co-Chairs for advice and recommendations on model legislation or resolutions when no jurisdiction in any of the existing Task Forces in operation can be found.

Standardized Review Format: To ensure fairness, a set procedure will be used as the format to ensure the model bill/resolution has a fair hearing before the Board.
   o Task Force Chair(s) will be invited to attend the Board Review
   o Task Force Chair(s) will decide who will present in support and in
       opposition for the model bill/resolution before the Board.

At State Farm, our work with ALEC is limited to research projects for use by public officials

Another ALEC LIAR!!!!
Definitely NOT a good neighbor.

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