Saturday, June 2, 2012

Destroy Social Security = Destroy the Left

I found this one cruising through some old extreme right wing materials.

I hadn't read or heard  this one before so I thought I would share.

It may explain a lot about why the Repugs want to privatize Social Security so badly.
It sure makes a hell of a lot of sense to me as being the justification for all the crap we see from the extreme right.
In the long run, we must make the interests of both large corporations and the average man on the street more obviously congruent.

Widespread ownership of stock is achieving this to some degree .

Social Security reform which allows individuals to invest their retirement funds in mutual funds would make interest in a fair and sound business environment in the self-interest of everyone.

Thus, the Left could not as easily pit corporate American against the "little guy" because the little guy would see in very real terms that his financial well-being is determined by how well corporate America does.
They want us to love the corporations.
They want to hurt the Left's message.

They want to hurt the "little guy"
to benefit the bansksters and corporations on wall street
and to destroy the Left.

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