Saturday, June 16, 2012

Minnesota - Getting Rid of ALEC Nastiness

 “About 30″ Minnesota legislators are members of a controversial nonprofit that critics say allows corporate members to lobby lawmakers and write bills without disclosure, according to the group’s state chair [Mary Kiffmeyer].

3 are just quitting
  1. Sen. Amy Koch, R-Buffalo – Just retiring
  2. Sen. Chris Gerlach, R-Apple Valley – Just retiring
  3. Sen. Gen Olson, R-Minnetrista – Just retiring
1 was redistricted out
  1. Rep. Carol McFarlane, R-White Bear Lake (redistricted into same seat at House Majority Leader Matt Dean)
3 Lost the GOP Endorsement
  1. Rep. Ron Shimanski, R-Silver Lake (Lost in an endorsing contest after placed in same district with Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, on 3/23)
  2. Sen. Michael Jungbauer, R-East Bethel(lost endorsement battle with GOP Sen. Michelle Benson)
  3. Sen. Gretchen Hoffman, R-Vergas (opted to run for Congress in the 7th District but lost the GOP endorsement to Lee Byberg)
2 have to win primaries in August
  1. Connie Doepke, R-Orono (Running for MN Senate – Diod not get GOP endorsement will be running in August primary.)
  2. Sen. Mike Parry, R-Waseca (running for Congress in the 1st District – has to beat Allen Quist in the August primary first though)
2 are running for Senate
  1. Rep. Bruce Anderson, R-Buffalo Township (running for Senate)
  2. Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, R-Big Lake (running for Senate District 30)

Being the eternal optimist – I believe we can get rid of all the nastiness in Minnesota caused by the legislators that hold alleigance to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
The key is to make sure that the last four don’t get re-elected and that we don’t elect/re-elect anymore ALEC ickiness to the Minnesota Legislature.

Here’s my personal list of endorsed Repugs I would like to see defeated in Minnesota.

The list includes ALEC members
and others who have a tendency to be ALEC-esque (ALEC wannabes???)
during the legislative session.

  1. House District 8B: Mary Franson;
  2. Senate District 10: Carrie Ruud;
  3. House District 12B: Paul Anderson;
  4. House District 14A: Steve Gottwalt;
  5. House District 14B: King Banaian;
  6. House District 15A: Sondra Erickson;
  7. House District 18A: Dean Urdahl;
  8. House District 18B: Glenn Gruenhagen;
  9. Senate District 21: John Howe;
  10. House District 21B: Steve Drazkowski;
  11. House District 26B: Mike Benson;
  12. House District 28B: Greg Davids
  13. Senate District 29: Bruce Anderson
  14. House District 29A: Joe McDonald;
  15. Senate District 30: Mary Kiffmeyer;
  16. Senate District 31: Michelle Benson;
  17. House District 31B: Tom Hackbarth
  18. Senate District 34: Warren Limmer
  19. House District 34A: Joyce Peppin;
  20. House District 34B: Kurt Zellers;
  21. Senate District 38: Roger C. Chamberlain;
  22. House District 38A: Linda Runbeck;
  23. House District 38B: Matt Dean;
  24. Senate District 47: Julianne Ortman;
  25. Senate District 48: David W. Hann;
  26. Senate District 49: Keith Downey;
  27. Senate District 51: Ted Daley;
  28. House District 51B: Doug Wardlow;
  29. House District 353B: Andrea Kieffer;
  30. House District 54B: Denny McNamara;
  31. House District 55A: Michael Beard;
  32. Senate District 56: Dan Hall;
  33. House District 56A: Pam Myhra;
  34. House District 58B: Pat Garofalo;

And that’s about 30.

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