Sunday, June 24, 2012

ALEC - Utter Lack of Diplomacy

When you're feeling down, turn that frown upside down.
Just go searching the internet for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

ALEC pissed off the Argentinians with one of their infamous "ALEC resolutions".
The temerity of ALEC never ceases to amaze me.
What a bunch of self righteous assholes!

I have no idea what AFTA is, and I don't care - but I love the tone of this letter.
If ALEC is involved - it's got to be questionable.
Because the pdf is not like ALEC legislation - available to cut and paste - I am giving you some pictures of the Argentinian Ambassador's response to ALEC - He basically told ALEC to mind their own damn business (my interpreation, of couse). 
God I love this guy - should send him flowers.

Wow - what a great find.
You can read the whole thing  >>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<

Letter to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) with regard to its "Resolution Supporting the Reevaluation of Argentina's General System of Preferences (GSP) benefits by the U.S. Trade Representative". - February 22, 2011

On February 22nd, 2010, Ambassador Chiaradia sent a letter to the President of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) rebutting a number of erroneous information and unfounded allegations against our country that had been included in ALEC’s document.

Picture snips for your enjoyment - If nothing else you HAVE to read the last pic in it's entirety.

We find it distrubing that in a conflict between interests of Main Street and those of non-US speculators - ALEC supports the latter.

we are appalled that ALEC would endorse AFTA's positions,
no questions asked,
"through a "Resolution" so blatantly biased that borders on defamation.

Give this guy a medal!

Note that the letter above was written in February 2011
Evidently ALEC had the balls to respond - in March 2011.

But so did the Ambassador of Argentina - good for him!!!!

And read the last paragraph and check out who all he copied on this second letter - Yazoo!!!

Even if for some particular reason you must continue to support non-U.S. debt profiteers.  I would appreciate that you refrain from accompanying such support with unwarranted rhetoric and falsehoods vis-a-vis the Argentine Republic.

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