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Susan Lynn (TN-ALEC) ALEC-er Extraordinaire

Susan Lynn Makes Plans to Resume Public Service
MOUNT JULIET, TN— Susan Lynn has officially announced her re-election plans for the House District 57 seat in the August Republican primary.

At a gathering of supporters and friends, Lynn stated, “As your representative, I worked hard every day to help our district.     I hope to continue in the mission of public service on which I embarked when first elected in 2002.”

Should probably say - “As your representative, I worked hard every day to help ALEC Corporate Profit Sector Members     I hope to continue in the mission of corporate service on which I embarked when first elected in 2002.”

Lynn has earned a reputation for being a conservative champion of limited government, states’ rights, capitalism, and our constitutional freedoms. She mentioned several examples of her work such as the Regulatory Flexibility Act, Tennessee State Sovereignty Resolution,

ALEC’s de-regulation agenda
ALEC’s state sovereignty push

Lynn continued, “I remain firmly against a state income tax, a firm advocate for 2nd Amendment Rights, and firmly committed to upholding the sanctity of life.


ALEC Inside May 2007
Article by Susan Lynn
The Minimum Wage Trap:
Circular reasoning and the CPI Although there are low-skilled workers who earn the minimum and struggle to get by, it is important to remember that government and the private sector already help the truly poor without raising prices for all consumers or making it harder for those at the bottom to find work.

We should not push employers down in order to raise workers up.

October 10, 2007
ALEC Press Release
Sea Treaty Threatens States’ and Nation’s Sovereignty
According to Tennessee Representative Susan Lynn, Chair of ALEC's Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development Task Force, "The people of my state expect lawmakers, not unelected bureaucrats at the UN to make environmental and tax policy." 

Inside ALEC July 2008
Her opinion on

“The “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act,” H.R. 980, which last year passed in the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 314 to 97 and is currently under consideration by the U.S. Senate, will force state and local governments to allow firefighters and police officers to unionize.”

Representative Susan Lynn (TN) states, “H.R.980 is a clear violation of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. As a state legislator from a right to work state, I am very concerned with a federal government that would overstep its bounds by usurping our rights, jeopardizing the safety of our citizens, and by costing our state and local governments millions of dollars. Collective bargaining decisions are a state’s right to make or not make.”

August 26, 2008
Improved Credit Tied to Expanded Access for Consumers
ALEC Press Release
“The message of Access to Credit is that legislators should exercise caution as they review public policy proposals that would further erode our free-market system in the name of consumer protection,” said Rep. Susan Lynn (R-TN). 

September 10, 2009
ALEC Press Release
States to Lose Big Under Cap and Trade:
ALEC Ranks the 10 Biggest Losers
ALEC members have actively opposed “Cap and Trade” legislation as a costly expansion of federal power that will plague America’s economy with fraud, waste and inefficiency. According to Tennessee State Representative Susan Lynn, "State Legislators see how our constituents are suffering with fear of losing their job, unemployment, and the unstable economy, now the federal government wants to enact Low Carbon Fuel Standards which would further hurt consumers and do nothing to lower actual carbon emissions."

ALEC Indoctrination Meeting 2009
ALEC’s First Predatory Tax Academy

ALEC Inside ALEC November 2009
New Emissions Rule Bypasses Congress
Fuel economy standards, even the ones we are used to, are misguided. Fuel efficiency gains drive up the price of cars and usually come at the additional cost of vehicle weight, which makes our cars less safe.

ALEC Inside May 2010
Labeling is Just More Government Control
“Rep. Susan Lynn is a Tennessee State Representative and chairwoman of ALEC's Commerce Task Force.”

As chairwoman of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Commerce Task Force, I proposed and passed anti-menu-labeling model legislation for the states.

The fault is mainly due to a modern misinterpretation of the Commerce clause of the Constitution.     It was never to allow the federal government to decide what commerce will be legal or not legal or what regulations will apply to trades and services.

Then there are these little goodies from her personal blog.  She doesn’t write much original stuff – it’s mostly articles that she takes whole and reprints the whole thing or snips with a link to the article.

The note at the top is kinda interesting.
Susan Lynn is a former member of the Tennessee General Assembly. She served as chairman of the Government Operations Committee and the Commerce Committee. She holds a BS in economics and a minor in history. She is the Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council's Commerce Task Force.

I wonder how many of ALEC’s 2700+ members are not legislators anymore.

I recently drafted and passed model legislation at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s winter meeting to create a Constitutional Amendment on free enterprise; “It is the policy of the state of Tennessee that a free enterprise system shall govern trade and commerce in this state to promote the dispersion of economic and political power and the general welfare of all the people.”

Jan 11, 2008
Our free enterprise system has produced the greatest nation the world has ever known. Experience shows us that government programs don’t perform market activities as well as the free market.

And I will quit with this gem of all gems from Susan Lynn (my emphasis)
December 23, 2009
Our nation, our Constitutional Republic is based upon natural rights. But just what are unalienable rights and Constitutional rights?


Constitutional rights such as trial by jury, to bear arms and vote don't seem natural.     Arms are not natural - but protecting yourself, especially from your own government, is a natural right. Therefore, the right to bear arms serves to secure your natural rights.


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