Friday, June 1, 2012

ALEC Members - Are you Worse than WalMart?

Two things happened yesterday

    First - WalMart dumped ALEC - Good on them!

    Second - Activists protested at the Comcast meeting in Philly - GOOD ON THEM!

One of the things they asked Comcast to do was DUMP ALEC.
Well, Comcast said, No.

But ya gotta love activists - they say the greatest things:

Anne Gemmell, political director for Fight for Philly, said Comcast should quit its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council, whose website says it supports limited government, free markets, and federalism.

ALEC, as the group is known, has been targeted by organizations around the country, and several large corporations, among them Wal-Mart, have suspended their membership.

"Do you want to be worse than Walmart?" Gemmell asked Comcast’s executives and directors.

Critics say that the group influences legislation in state capitals, and that it has strayed from economic issues by supporting voter-ID rules and the "Stand Your Ground" self-defense law.

Love Gemmell's question.

Love this quote I found the other day:
Ethically, Amazon is worse than Walmart.
     Walmart dumped ALEC
     Amazon dumped ALEC

So I guess the question should now be

Hey Johnson & Johnson
"Do you want to be worse than Walmart and Amazon?"

Hey, State Farm
"Do you want to be worse than Walmart and Amazon?"

Hey, AT&T
"Do you want to be worse than Walmart and Amazon?"

You're worse than Walmart and Amazon!

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