Sunday, June 24, 2012

Write an Editorial About ALEC - Please

Today was a good day for editorials by normal everyday people – not the suits – who are trying to educate their neighbors across the United States
As you can see below – there are six – only six – and that is a good day for anti-ALEC editorials.

The first editorial below tells why this is important.
People still don’t know about ALEC.

And remember, people don’t surf the web for stuff about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – unless they already know about  ALEC.  It is our job to educate others about ALEC.

A one – three  paragraph editorial is something every single one of us can do, and it gets local exposure.  Many of the papers have online letters to the editor and that is a great venue.  Online editorials let you put in links like one to ALEC Exposed.

If you are editorially challenged – then cut and paste what these folks wrote – change the words by substituing your own words, your voice,  and add a few of your own – these editorials give you the place to start.  Look, when it comes to writing editorials - I don't care if you paraphrase without citations - but please don't plagiarize (copy an editorial exactly and reprint it as your own work).

You can do it – I know you can.
Educate your neighbors about ALEC!!!

Sometimes the failure comes from citizen apathy and failing to pay attention. I still find people who have not heard about the American Legislative Exchange Council, despite the coverage and the huge influence of ALEC in our politics. In this case, the corporations and wealthy interests are drafting the legislative bills, not our elected officials.

Sometimes the failure is the lack of press coverage.

Dear Editor: Much of the legislation that is passed in state houses today is not cooked up by our representatives. It is drafted by rich and powerful organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council and other lobbyists who present their model bills to radical right-wing governors. They use their unlimited funds to purchase elections that place conservative representatives in a position to push their special interest bills through the legislative process. This pays off well for both the representatives and the special interests, while hurting the middle class.

Out-of-state money purchased Wisconsin and now we are governed by the wishes of the billionaires from around the country.

It is obvious that the Republican Party thinks that it has a better chance of electing its members by selective voter suppression.

Republicans in 12 states have passed legislation, written by the American Legislative Exchange Council, that will make it harder for the elderly, the poor, students and minorities to register by requiring a government-issued photo ID. In urban areas, many people do not own cars and have no need for a driver’s license, therefore do not have a photo ID. This is especially true of the elderly and the poor. Most of these states require proof of citizenship that people will have to pay to obtain.

Sensible and civil decorum and statesman like purpose has been lost. TeaPublican rogues, the useful 'tools' of corporatists and the Koch Bros. ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)/The secretive masters behind the Mackinac Center, may glory in their short lives as "political fruit flies" however their contribution to damage will multiply and live on, eating the vital heart out of our once great state.

Education is big business in Louisiana, as it is elsewhere.

The intent: Follow the money that has come into the state and identify the companies and agencies that are benefiting, or poised to benefit, under the Louisiana Believes, the umbrella name for the state's efforts to reform K-12 public education.

--June 3, ALEC model: Gov. Bobby Jindal's education legislation has been criticized by some because it reflects model legislation formed by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a nationwide association of public-sector officials and private-sector representatives. Similarities include school vouchers, charter schools and new charter school authorizers, performance-based teacher tenure, and greater authority for local superintendents to hire and fire personnel, without regard to seniority.

June 24, 2012
To the Editor:
(Oneida, NY) Because our regressive economic policies serve the millionaires and billionaires in the “top 1 percent” and do not protect the interests of the “99 percent,” young Americans are under terrific stress from bad economic conditions and do not have a secure economic future. Consider these facts:

College students are the target of voter suppression laws sponsored by the American Legislative Exchange Council funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch. These laws are being actively promoted in about a dozen states, according to the Center for Media and Democracy. They cripple voter registration drives by groups like the League of Women Voters; end same-day voter registration, often used by students returning home from college at election time and prohibit the use of student identification cards when registering to vote.

It is important to start educating our neighbors so that ALEC legislators don’t get re-elected or elected in November.

If you are completely and utterly editorially challenged and want to do something you have my permission to cut and paste the editorial below and use it for your own.  Please - I would be flattered that you used it and very pleased to see more antii-ALEC hits on the web.  I'd love to see it in all 50 states.

I am writing today because too many of my neighbors do not know about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

We are all familiar with the work of lobbyists who work to push through legislation that benefits their companies.  ALEC is much more dangerous than that.  At ALEC meetings the lobbyist don't just try to influence the passage of legislation.  At ALEC meetings corporate lobbyists bring legislation written by corporations to the meetings and then give it to ALEC legislators to bring back to our state to introduce.  Then, ALEC posts the corporate written legislation in a "members only" section of their website so legislators who can't make it to an ALEC meeting can copy and paste the corporate written legislation and introduce the corporate written legislation into our legislature.  This is done without us - the constituents - every knowing - that corporations WROTE the legislation.

We have legislators that belong to ALEC, go to ALEC meetings, bring back and use  ALEC legislation in our state and we have to stop this corporate control of legislation.  If you want more information please go to this webpage 
It is important to start educating our neighbors so that ALEC legislators don’t get re-elected or elected in November.

Reading about ALEC is the first step
- writing about ALEC takes YOUR activism to a whole new level - an important level.

We can't rely only on "the suits" to fight our battles - this is a local fight.

Go forth and write!
(PS - This post got a lot of hits - now lets see some action !!!)

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