Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is @ALECwatch?

I am a lurker - I go through tweet feeds looking for press hits that may be good for articles.

But today I saw something that disturbs me a bit - but not much.

Since the early ALEC days of this blog - I have had a follower called @ALECwatch.
They re-tweet a lot of my stuff.

In fact if you go to their tweet page - the only thing they tweet is ALEC stuff and since that is most everything I write - they re-tweet me.

The only identifying link on their page is

Well - they have come under scrutiny and that is why I post this.

We were a bit intrigued at VLTP when we received a tweet stating that we were being followed by @ALECwatch.  ALEC Watch was the first published in-depth article about ALEC that most of us have seen.  “Corporate America’s Trojan Horse in the States”.

Well, we like to look at the tweets from those following us, so of course we took a look at this one from @ALECWatch, and take a look a what we found:

 So the question is:  Friend or Foe?
@ALECwatch - we may never know.

IF this is ALEC (and it may not be)
- the American Legislative Exchange Council
- following what is being said about them
- and then re-tweeting it to their mentally challenged members

- then

Their members  are getting a damn  better "education" about ALEC
than they would ever get by attending any ALEC meeting.

Oh well............................................

And like we said on the farm
the hind teat of a boar pig.

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