Saturday, June 30, 2012

CBS News - Spreads ALEC Propaganda

Talk about one-sided horse-shit reporting. 
The only thing it can represent is CBS spreading one-sided ALEC propoganda

I wonder how much this "so-called news article" cost  the new PR firm for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) -  Edelman
- musta paid a pretty price for this
- or maybe the Koch brothers.

Remove all objects near your computer - sit on your hands after you click the link and be prepared to get pissed off.

Check this out

For Rogers and his ideological cohorts across the country, ALEC remains a powerful resource. He said, "I think ALEC is perfectly positioned to be the pre-eminent legislative force in the country."

Here's the video link

Been waiting for over a year for the main stream media (MSM) to start reporting on ALEC - and finally when they do - they crawl in bed with the son-of-a-bitches.

UPDATE:  Sunday morning
Finally realized this was on the national news last night - when I found it I wasn't sure where it had been broadcast - the national news.  This little piece of "unfair and unbalanced news" has been picked up across the United States and across the world.

Conflicting reports this morning some calling this a good report on ALEC - There is not such thing as a good report on ALEC - when it is one-sided and only serves as an advertisement for ALEC.

Spreading ALEC lies - that it all this report does - spread lies - my emphasis:
What ALEC does for legislators is create model bills mostly on fiscal issues that are templates for 800 to 1,000 bills introduced in the 50 state legislatures every year. ALEC has claimed to members that 20 percent its bills become laws.

Simply telling the person who is taking your vote who you are is not much of a burden, and at the end of the day, if you're allowing one person to vote illegally, you've just cancelled out my vote," Rogers said. "It's really common sense - if you are going to vote, tell us who you are."

Rogers said ALEC was leaving its advocacy on those more controversial issues in the past.

"We have a re-focus, and it's strictly going to be specifically on these fiscal issues - limited government, deregulation, lowering government spending, getting rid of debt. ALEC has already made that decision," he said.

The lies - now on mainstream media. 
The sheeple will believe this and not question it - cause CBS gave them no reason to question it. 
They just gave the ALEC talking points to America nd the world.

Some seemed please that Common Cause was "mentioned" on CBS - why in the hell weren't they interviewed for this story?  Why in the hell wasn't CMD interviewed for this story.

CBS put an ALEC member on the tube and did not challenge what he said by any other source.

Some may call that good reporting - I call it ALEC propaganda - that the whole nation has now seen.

Musta made the right wing base extremely happy to see another one of their hacks getting prime time.

Let's kiss the butt of the MSM because they finally "mentioned" ALEC?
This was no better than a report on Faux GOP News.  In fact GOP TV - Faux news, can pretty much cut and paste most everything from this CBS "interview" for their viewers.

The only way this piece will make me happy is if
- it is followed up with a one hour scathing expose on Sixty Minutes
- which won't happen.

Now - here's the other side of the story - 12 minutes
Not shown on main stream TV
ALEC = Obvious and Organized Corruption

This stupid CBS report on ALEC - brought a search into my blog that was looking for an answer for the question
What Democratic groups are similar to ALEC?
The answer:
Almost all Democrats believe in our democratic republic - represesntation of, by, and for the people;
NOT representation of, by, and for the corporations - which is the purpose of the American legislative Exchange council "model" legislation.

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