Friday, June 22, 2012

ALEC Is a Campaign Issue - Hallelujah!

ALEC Is a Campaign Issue

I wish I could find a bundle of these to show you - but the search parameters are kinda tough.
I will share them as I find them usually in groups.

A little snip from their ALEC stuff.

LUCY EDWARDS – NEW HAMPSHIRE - State Representative
I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like it when legislators in the NH State House take their orders from outside the state.  It makes me angry when they get treated to trips and parties in Washington DC to get their marching orders from people who don’t live here and have no real interest in our welfare.  Have you asked your legislators about ALEC?  Have they sponsored legislation that was written by ALEC?  Taken trips paid for by ALEC?  You can find out here.  Might be worth knowing before the election this time.

LAURA LIBBY – MINNESOTA  Crystal City Council
I would encourage you to look up more information about ALEC. 

This issue is of great concern to me, as I believe it is destroying our democracy, of government by and for the people.  This is clearly making our country by and for the corporations.  If elected, I would refuse to vote for ALEC legislation at any point that I come across it.  Recently Governor Dayton vetoed tort reform legislation that came from ALEC.  I am very proud of Governor Dayton for doing this.  I hope more of our legislators will take this kind of a stand and I pledge that I would do the same.

JEFF DAHLANDER – PENNSYLVANIA  111th District State Representative
Recently there has been a mass exodus in the House of Representatives from the once secretive but now very well known organization called American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  Included in that departure is our own Representative, Sandra Major.

Why now?  As it turns out, the majority of those renouncing their membership are being challenged in November for their seats.  It appears that leadership in both parties may want their candidates to distance themselves from the very 'bi-partisan' organization which brought us such great legislation as Stand Your Ground and Voter ID laws.

My question to Sandra Major is this:  Less than a year ago ALEC was the cat's meow.  Why now the change of heart?

Disband the American Legislative Exchange Council as an illegal organization; pass Single Payer Universal Healthcare; end Corporate Tax breaks to profitable companies; strengthen Public Education, return the Postal Service money that Congress took from them; create Jobs Program; end Private Prisons.

Send These folks a buck or two  ... 
If nothing else to just say - thanks!!!
- they deserve it - for having the guts to put ALEC on their campaign agenda.
Links to their donation webpage.

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