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ALEC - $400 Dinners for Your Legislator????

First some history.

When the American Legislative Exchange Council holds their annual meeting, on one night of the meeting they hold a “States Night”.  You see, your state legislators don’t get to see enough of each other while they are IN YOUR STATE, so ALEC makes sure that the lobbyists get a chance to get together with your state legislators for a “special event”, their own special event.

Each state has their OWN event!  That is important to know for what is coming up.

Here’s linked examples as proof that each state has their own "State Night".

And here’s a legislator trying to get around lobbyist rules regarding ALEC State Night.
Rep. Curry Todd, R-Collierville, state chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council, questioned why any change in law was needed. Rep. Todd said he sent a letter to officials at the American Legislative Exchange Council, saying Tennessee would have a state-night dinner. He said he checked with Ethics Commission officials, who gave approval for such notification.
Getting around lobbying rules is important - you will understand that soon.

And an ALEC Corporate Profit Sector Member had this to say about ALEC State Night
Each state will hold a “State Night” during this year’s ALEC Annual Meeting. Georgia’s State Night will be on Friday, August 5 at Arnaud’s Restaurant in the historic French Quarter and will be attended by Ashley Harris of the Atlanta office.

North Carolina’s State Night will be held on Thursday, August 4, at Mardi Gras World and will be attended by Harry Kaplan, Bo Heath, Kerri Burke, and Johnny Tillett of the Raleigh office.

South Carolina’s State Night will be held on Friday, August 5, at Antoine’s, and will be attended by Jason Puhlasky of the Columbia office.

Virginia’s State Night will take place on the evening of Friday, August 5, at Ralph’s on the Park and will be attended by Steve Horton and Chris Nolen of the Richmond office.

And ALEC has always been concerned about the State Night and those pecky lobbying rules.  From 1997.
Boutilier said it is coming in on budget and within the strategic plan without any quality downgrade . He said he wants feedback on quality after the annual meeting . Poynter asked what could be done for state nights for states with delegations to small or with cumbersome lobbying restrictions.

Now that you know that –
You should know this!

The 2007 ALEC Annual Meeting was held in Philadelphia
Why is that important?

From the recent and informative CMD report on ALEC Junkets and ALEC scholarships:
The scheme works like this: ALEC state chairs (hand-picked legislators and private-sector members) solicit corporate money that goes into a “Scholarship Fund” that is then used to pay for lawmakers’ trips.

The lawmakers trips – eh???????
Well, not all that money goes to “trips”.

ALEC Scholarships
2007 Colorado “Money Out”
Rick Gowdy AmEx - Gioia Mia (State Night)

Gioia Mia (State Night)

$9,386.40 Total
At the now defunct Gioia Mia Ristorante, in Philadelphia

Hell of a party for one state - Colorado 
If there were 20 Colorado Legislators there that is
$469.32 per legislator

If there were 30 Colorado Legislators there that is
$312.88 per legislator

If there were 40 Colorado Legislators there that is
$234.66 per legislator 
If there were 40 Colorado state legislators attending– I feel sorry for Colorado.

When was the last time YOU got a dinner – just for you – just one person – that cost $234.66 dollars?  Or $312.88?  Or $469.32  - FOR ONE PERSON!!!!!

Posh hotels, luxury resorts and AMAZING MEALS!!!!
That’s what your ALEC legislator can look forward to.

When was the last time you could afford to buy your legislator a $200 - $400 meal to get their attention?

We must make sure
that ALL ALEC members
are NOT
elected, re-elected or appointed
to public office.

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