Sunday, October 14, 2012

ALEC: For-Profit Environmental Destruction

We often wonder why our energy policies are going down the toilet.

Well, when you take a look at the
Energy Task Force of the ALEC
Task Force Committee Roster as of 6/30/2011
as found on the Common Cause Webpage – you get a pretty good idea why our energy policies are going to hell in a hand basket at the state and federal levels and the reason is the American Legislative Exchange Council corporate profit sector members manipulating energy legislation through ALEC “model” legislation.

The roster shows that there are 233 members.
A recent review of the roster shows that 138 of the members are ALEC legislators.

Then you have 95 environmental antagonists on the task force:
  Fossil fuel ALEC profit Sector members
  Climate denying ALEC “we work for the profit sector” nonprofit members
Alliant Energy
American Chemistry Council Inc (2 members)
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (2 members)
American Electric Power Company Inc  (2 members)
American Gas Association (2 members)
American Petroleum Institute (3 members)
Americans for Prosperity
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Bayer Healthcare
BP (2 members)
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
Chevron Corporation (2 members)
Cloud Peak Energy (2 members)
Commonwealth Foundation (2 members)
Continental Resources Inc  (2 members)
CropLife America
Dezenhall Communications Mgmt
Dezenhall Resources
Dow AgroSciences LLC (2 members)
Duke Energy Corporation  (2 members)
Edison Electric Institute (2 members)
Energy Future Holdings
Energy Solutions
ExxonMobil Corporation (2 members)
General Motors Corp (2 members)
General Motors Corp
Goldwater Institute
Heartland Association
Heartland Institute
Hilex Poly Company LLC (2 members)
Honeywell International Inc  (2 members)
International Paper
J R Simplot Company
John Locke Foundation
Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC (2 members)
Lindenwood University – Institute for Study of Economics and Environment
LydondellBasell Industries
Marathon Oil Company
MDU Resources Group Inc  (2 members)
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (3 members)
Nuclear Energy Institute
NV Energy
Occidental Oil & Gas Co
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (2 members)
PacifiCorp (2 members)
Peabody Energy
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, APS
Progress Energy (2 members)
Rubber Manufacturers Association (2 members)
Salt River Project (2 members)
Shell Oil Company
Tesoro Corporation
The Carpet and Rug Institute (2 members)
Washington Policy Center

Clint Woods
Subcommittee on Energy and Environment
House Committee on Science, Space And   

Don’t believe me – check out this webpage:
Subcommittee on Energy and Environment Staff
Subcommittee on Energy and Environment
Dan Byers  Staff Director
Tara Rothschild  Senior Professional Staff
Andy Zach  Professional Staff
Kyle Oliver  Professional Staff
Clint Woods  Professional Staff
Ellen Scholl  Policy Staff
Taylor Jordan  Staff Assistant

Your tax dollars - paying for state and federal employees to sit with ALEC profit secotr members - to destroy our environment.

an equal voice – an equal vote
on ALEC model legislation.

You don’t like ALEC legislation?
Too damn bad – ALEC legislators will FORCE it on you!!!!

We MUST make sure
That ALL ALEC legislators
Are not elected or re-elected!!!!

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