Monday, October 22, 2012

Weininger (WI-ALEC) - Ashamed of ALEC Membership

I found this comment on a Bill Moyers and Company webpage linked to the 30 minute expose that Moyers did on ALEC.

                Watch the "United States of ALEC" expose’  >>>HERE<<<

Anyway - to the comment
Representative Chad Weininger [R] WI vowed to me late last year he had NO idea what ALEC even was. Now it shows he is tied to ALEC.  Hmm..  Quickstudy or just another Republican LIAR?  I know what I think.  Disgusting

"vowed to me"
Unbeknownst to this person – lying about being an ALEC member is pretty common.

"Last year"
2012 – 1 = 2011

Chad Weininger – documented member of the ALEC Natural Resources Task Force as of 6/30/2011

Why do most ALEC members constantly lie about belonging to ALEC?
Why do most ALEC member pathologically lie about belonging to ALEC?

Does ALEC force members to lie?

What happens at ALEC meetings that is so inherently horrendous that members of the American Legislative Exchange Council cannot acknowledge their affiliation with this organization?

How many people lie about their affiliation with NCSL?  Probably NONE.

ALEC and what it stands for must be horribly evil – so evil that the regular citizen would not be able to comprehend.  So evil that the members can not acknowledge their membership.

We must NOT
elect or re-elect
ALEC members
to the state and federal government.

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