Wednesday, October 10, 2012

US of ALEC - BecauseICan

Direct Quote:

1992 Annual Report of the American Legislative Exchange Council

ALEC has proven that government can and should be for people, not government.

And that ideas, not politicians, govern America.

ALEC's record of success proves that ideas combined with action produces results.

IDEAS, based on fundamental American principles.

Action, from the efforts of 2,500 pro-free enterprise state legislators, representing more than 63 million Americans, working with hundreds of private sector partners.

Results in the form of hundreds of model bills introduced and enacted into law in every state in the nation.

That is the essence of ALEC.

AND if YOU do not believe in the ALEC philosophy of government
  Then too damn bad
  Then go to hell

Cause our ALEC legislators will force our ALEC government on you.
  Cause what you want does not  matter
  It’s the ALEC way or the highway.

What – you thought the US was a democracy – get real idiots!
  This is not a democracy – this is a plutocracy
  This is the United States of ALEC.

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