Monday, October 15, 2012

Koch - The Courage to Force Others to Vote for Rmoney

There has been a lot of press about the InTheseTimes article about the Koch brothers using their influence and power to strong arm their employees to vote for RMoney – to goosestep to the polls and raise their arm and yell – "Heil Koch" - as they pull the lever/push the button to destroy the USA.

Why - because Mitt-Wit can't win on his own. 
Why - cause Lyng Ryan can't win on his own.
Absolutely nothing between the two of them - so they have to steal the election anyway that they can.

If you missed the article – you can read it  >>>HERE<<<

This piece of "news" didn’t surprise me.
In 2010 Koch Industries did the same thing – the only difference then was – we weren’t really watching then.  In 2010 the state of Texas required Koch Industries to register as a “campaign” – which they did so they could strong arm their employees.  

A campaign that included expenses such as:
Mailing home addresses of company employees
Printing of state sheets listing supported candidates.

You can see the proof of the 2010 Koch voting Texas massacre  >>>HERE<<< and >>>HERE<<<.

Most people don’t follow links – so I doubt anyone will look at the Texas documents – just like I doubt that they looked at another link that was in the story that was published InTheseTimes.

About a quarter of the way down the InTheseTimes article you will find a link that will bring you to another pontification by King Charles Koch.

Here he chastises the PUBLIC companies which chose to leave ALEC.
Here's a snip of his three page monologue - for your revulsion.

by Charles G. Koch - 10/1/2012
One of my greatest frustrations in recent years stems from the lack of courage shown by many businesses.

Rather than set a good example and stand on principle, far too many successful companies have decided to cave when faced with criticism from the media or the government – even when those businesses have done nothing wrong.

For example, last March, left-wing publications and a cable “news” channel began spreading  malicious  lies about the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is a leading free-market association of state legislators with thousands of members and supporters, including Koch Industries.

The bogus charges against ALEC were quickly echoed by various media outlets, bloggers, a labor leader and other activists, none of whom seemed fully aware of the facts.

As a result of this ginned-up outcry, a few high-profile corporate members of ALEC either cancelled their memberships or announced they would let them expire.

It didn’t seem to matter that the accusations were patently false, or that facts had been distorted and the truth inverted. Several corporations couldn’t throw in the towel fast enough.

Such lack of courage has become symptomatic of large public companies.

Lat March - huh?  It's been going on longer than that.  It was a year ago March that ALEC identified this blog to their states chairs as a "radical Opponent" because I was naming ALEC members.

Evidently the Kochs are getting concerned about the millions and millions and millions invested in ALEC possibly not being a good investment that the American Legislative Exchange Council  promised the Kochs.

"With our success rate at more than 20 percent,
I would say that ALEC is a good investment. 
Nowhere else can you get a return that high."

Malicious lies about ALEC – REALLY????
Well if they are lies – why in the hell isn’t ALEC taking front stage and rebutting them – rather than hiding in the dark corners like the Kochroaches they are.

“The bogus charges echoed”    by those  ..  “none who seemed fully aware of the facts.”
Because we have to be careful about a$$holes like the Koch brothers breathing down our necks and sending gestapo private eye goons to snoop into the lives of people who dare write about them – WE HAVE TO DEAL IN FACTS.

"Such lack of courage has become symptomatic of large public companies."
You REALLY have to wonder what he means by that.
I suppose he means that “Privately held companies” like his are SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than those lowly companies that have the scum of the earth – who are investors.  God forbid he and his brother should waste their time with PUBLIC companies.

God forbid he and his brother should get their hands dirty with anything PUBLIC.
Disdain for anything PUBLIC.
Public schools, public health, public commons, public employees, ...  the public, in general.

The Koch's and their utlra rich buddies - threatening to throw their employees out in the street - if Obama is elected.  What does it matter to them what happens to the PUBLIC.  So what if someone dies because they lost their company health insurance.  So what if someone dies because they can't get their medicine because they lost their company insurance.  So what if the PUBLIC dies.  So what!!!

He goes on for another page and a half about his courage.  Wonder how courageous he would be if he was making $7.50 an hour living in a one bedroom apartment with four other people, infested with Kochroaches.

What a jacka$$.
A$$holes – both of them.

I just bent over and took the position - so both of them can ki$$ my a$$.

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