Friday, October 26, 2012

Michigan FOR Moroz, Against ALEC

Michigan is infested with ALEC Kochroaches - infested worse than Arizona or Oklahoma.
It's time for an ALEC bugbomb.

Thanks to redistricting, Michigan can now dump their ALEC members.

If  Michigan looked at the re-districting they will probably find ALEC fingerprints on it somewhere, somehow - but if it gets rid of ALEC members that would be a good thing.

This is an opportunity for Michigan to show ALEC – that screwing around with the PEOPLE’S government can and will bite them in the a$$ eventually.

CASSOPOLIS — Dowagiac will have a new state representative no matter who wins the 59th District House race Nov. 6.

Thanks to redistricting, Dowagiac moves into the 59th, where incumbent Rep. Matt Lori, R-Constantine, squared off Wednesday night at Cass County Council on Aging in a League of Women Voters debate with Democratic challenger Mike Moroz of Dowagiac.

 “The only way to gauge a representative is to look at his or her voting record,” Moroz said. “Matt has voted against teachers and public education, unions and women’s rights and to tax seniors’ pensions. Matt also supported voter suppression laws Gov. Snyder thought were overreaching. Matt voted for emergency manager legislation removing duly elected officials from power, all the while doing little to produce jobs. I urge you to go to Also, he is a member of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. Actions speak louder than words. My vote belongs to you, the people.”

Lori – a four letter word – like ALEC.
Moroz – starts like M for Michigan.

Vote Moroz

Donate to this guy for having the balls to publicly call out his candidate on ALEC.

That should be worth a couple of bucks to YOU 
– regardless of what state you are in 
– right here, right now.   
Do you have any idea how long it has taken to get people to say the word ALEC?  Reward them for doing so with your campaign contribution.

Link is  >>>HERE<<<

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