Thursday, October 18, 2012

PLS Don't bring ALEC to the Local Level!!

Saw this article this morning and it scared me more than anything.  This coupled with the fact that three ALEC past state legislators are running for MN county offices and the MN state private sector chair is running for a park commissioner position, as I wrote about earlier.

It is bad enough that ALEC members are screwing up our government at the state and federal levels - we do NOT need ALEC members at the local levels of government.

From Arizona

As a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, served on Civil Justice Task Force and Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force.

The commission served as a springboard to the Chandler City Council, where Tibshraeny began working in 1986. After serving as vice mayor, he was elected mayor in 1994, a post he held until successfully pursuing a bid for a state Senate seat eight years later.

Though the path from municipal to state government is fairly common among successful public officials, Tibshraeny after an eight-year run in the Legislature did something most other state officials don’t: He came back, to serve an unprecedented fifth term as mayor.

Lesson to be learned
When you are voting in November be sure AT ALL LEVELS of government
DO NOT ELECT ALEC members to public office.

For a list of 50 %+ of the current members of ALEC go to this link at AlecExposed.

For a list of over 3,000+ past and current members (as of 2/2012) of ALEC and those who have had strong ties to ALEC go to this DKOS diary.

There is NO EXCUSE for electing ALEC members.
DO NOT ELECT ALEC members to public office.

ALEC members and those who have had strong ties to ALEC
MUST be REMOVED from public service.

Members of the American Legislative Exchange Council are a THREAT to our republic and our representative government - of, by, and for the PEOPLE.

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