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4/24/13 - Minnesota Enbridge Oil Spill

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DETROIT - Two oil projects in the works could significantly increase the amount of heavy crude oil moving on -- and near -- the Great Lakes, causing alarm among environmentalists because they involve the same heavy oil that was behind a $1-billion oil spill on the Kalamazoo River in 2010 that remains an ecological disaster.

The company fined for that spill -- Canadian oil transport giant Enbridge -- is behind one of the new projects. Its new venture would nearly double the amount of crude oil shipped on a major pipeline from Canada to Lake Superior -- transporting more oil than the controversial Keystone XL pipeline that has caused an environmental outcry and fierce debate in Congress. The second project involves a refinery on Lake Superior's shore building a dock to load oil barges, allowing the shipment of up to 13 million barrels of crude oil per year throughout the Great Lakes to Midwest refineries and markets beyond.

Together, the projects would mean a new reality for the Great Lakes basin, heightening risks to the world's most vital freshwater source, according to environmental groups.
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From Desmogblog:

Enbridge's Line 2  Line 67 tar sands pipeline has leaked an estimated 600 gallons of crude oil at its pump station near Viking, Minnesota. Line 2 was built in 1956 and has a history of spills. Regulators ordered Enbridge to reduce its Line 2 operating pressure in October 2010 following the company's Kalamazoo River tar sands spill.

The Enbridge Viking pump station also receives oil from the Alberta Clipper (aka Line 67 pipeline) that carries heavy crude oil and tar sands bitumen from the Alberta tar sands region south from Hardisty to Superior, Wisconsin and refineries in the midwestern United States.
It wasn’t tar sands – but IT WAS 600 gallons of Enbridge environmental disaster.

2000: 7,513 barrels. Enbridge reported 48 pipeline spills
2001: 25,980 barrels. Enbridge pipelines reported 34 spills and leaks
2002: 14,683 barrels. Enbridge reported 48 oil spills and leaks, totalling 14,683 barrels,
2003: 6,410 barrels. Enbridge pipelines had 62 spills and leaks, totalling 6,410 barrels,
2004: 3,252 barrels. Enbridge pipelines had 69 reported spills, totalling 3,252 barrels
2005: 9,825 barrels. Enbridge had 70 reported spills, totalling 9,825 barrels of oil.
2006: 5,363 barrels. Enbridge had 61 reported spills, totalling 5,363 barrels of oil,
2007: 13,777 barrels. Enbridge had 65 spills and leaks, totalling 13,777 barrels of oil,
2008: 2,682 barrels. Enbridge had 80 reported spills and leaks, totalling 2,682 barrels
2009: 8,441 barrels. Enbridge had 103 reported oil spills and leaks, totalling 8,441 barrels,
2010: 34,122 barrels. Enbridge had 80 reported pipeline spills, totalling 34,122 barrels,
Total: 132,715 barrels of oil, more than half the Exxon Valdez spill of 257,000 barrels

Oh, my - - - - -
And Enbridge and other fossil fuel companies want us to “Trust me    on spills”.

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