Sunday, April 28, 2013

Son of Oilman - "Time to Let Go of 20th Century"

A perfect example of how legislators choose not to listen and silence the voice of the public – when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the fossil fuel industry – regardless of whether it is in the US or Canada.

A perfect example of the potential of the next generation - in regards to climate change.

20 minutes well worth your time.
His passion and rhetoric sometimes make it hard to listen to - and you have to listen carefully -
BUT this is important!!!!
Lee Brain, son of an oil man, receives a standing ovation and brings a crowd to tears after delivering powerful & inspirational testimony in front of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel 
in Prince Rupert on February 18, 2012.

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What I witnessed      was the technical experts knowing the damage and the adverse affects of the project
completely undeniable on site
A dynamic between what is really happening and what the corporate headquarters will have the people believe is happening.

What I learned - - - - -
was the global system of infinite growth
attracts men and women of a certain level of understanding,
a certain type of person who will be attracted to the ideals of a current economic measurement that coordinates the global  psychology of things

A person who externalizes themselves and detaches from connection and so wholeheartedly believes in their reality, their perception of things

that they project their fears onto everyone else
And their ego becomes the driver blindly lead them down a path of self destruction

They are people of high intellectual prowess
But unfortunately have yet to develop the deep wisdom we all possess within us as human beings
We call these people CEO and Prime Minister


It’s time to let go of the twentieth century. 
It’s time to end a millennia of pain, suffering , shame and unconsciousness.

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