Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MI GOP "Let 'em Die" Agenda

Saw this on Dialy Kos this morning  (if you are not aware of the hell Michiganders are going through - wake up and educate yourself - it's coming to a red state near you soon).

The Michigan GOP
Here's the laundry list:
  • Over 1,000 workers, roughly 9% of the total staff, would be cut from the Department of Human Services, the state department that, among other things, handles welfare, food assistance and child abuse investigations
  • Cuts $108.6 million from Governor Snyder’s proposed budget
  • The three juvenile justice facilities in Escanaba, Grayling and Whitmore Lake would be shut down
  • 30 employees who work on permanent placement for children would be fired
  • 223 full time in employees in local DHS offices would be let go
  • $6.2 million in funds for the Pathways to Potential program would be cut
  • $683 million in food assistance funds would be eliminated which make 211,496 people ineligible for the program
  • $546,000 in disability assistance -- gone
  • $15 million in foster care payments -- eliminated, reducing the number of foster care cases by 550

Through them out into the streets
Where are these folks gonna go?
Where are these CHILDREN going to go?

Food - who in the hell need $$ to eat.
Who cares!
Let 'em die.

[Michigan Governor] Snyder claims credit for reducing unemployment in Michigan and he points to his corporate tax cut of more than $2 billion as the driving factor.

But looking at Snyder's own dashboard, we see that in December 2011, the unemployment rate in Michigan was 9.3 percent.

In December 2012, after his massive corporate tax cut went into effect, the unemployment rate is 8.9 percent, a reduction of less than one half of one percentage point.

A $2 billion corporate tax cut resulted in four-tenths of one percent reduction in the unemployment rate.

That is a terrible investment, unless of course you are a corporation which received that huge tax break.

The free-market evidently can't exist without GOP legislative interventions on corporate behalf.

Corporations are people, my friend.
Let 'em die.

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