Friday, April 26, 2013

ALEC Privatization Legislation - Rank and Foul

This story is so important - - I didn't want to see it have a one news cycle run -
So I held onto this all week, to see if it could get traction again  at the end of the week.

I have repeatedly noted that people have to watch Michigan – cause it definitely is the nastiniest legislature and governor in the entire United States.  Nowhere are we seeing the wholesale destruction of democracy – as we are seeing happen in Michigan.

One of the most prolific and informative blogger on what is happening in Michigan is Ecletablog.

Today – the following snips from a post on their site.
(My emphasis)

Last week, State Rep. Greg MacMaster introduced legislation being described as a “forced privatization bill” that is essentially cut-and-pasted from model legislation developed by the corporatist American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The new bill, H.B. 4549, is strikingly similar to ALEC’s “Public-Private Fair Competition Act” (pdf).

Private corporations that feel they are getting competition from the state government can file a complaint to force the government to end its competition. The bar for proof is low and the bill explicitly says “The plaintiff is not required to show that they have no adequate remedy at law or will suffer irreparable harm nor any other common law element applicable to obtaining preliminary injunctive relief.”

We hear a lot about how ALEC is influencing the laws in states across the country. Clearly Michigan is no exception.

The hypocrisy of this move is rank and foul and transparent for anyone paying attention.

This is coming to YOUR state soon!
This is pushed by ALEC legislators and every single one of you have an ALEC legislator waiting to introduce this legislation – written by corporations of ALEC to increase market share and increase revenues.

Corporations - increasing market share and increasing revenues through legislation introduced by state legislators of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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