Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Right Wing Fringe Group To Harass J&J About Dumping ALEC

Conservative Group to Urge Johnson and Johnson to Rethink Its Decision to Stop Working with Mainstream Conservative Group at Behest of Left-Wing Extremists

Also Will Ask Health Care Giant to Endorse Plan to Repeal ObamaCare's Medical Device Tax
New Brunswick, NJ / Washington, D.C. - Today, at the annual meeting of Johnson & Johnson shareholders in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the National Center for Public Policy Research plans to criticize Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky's decision to stop working with a respected, 40-year-old national organization of supporting state legislators, while also urging the company to support a proposal to repeal a key component of ObamaCare.

In June 2012, Johnson & Johnson caved to Color of Change after it pressured Johnson & Johnson to stop working with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) because ALEC once promoted voter ID laws and so-called "stand your ground" legislation.
If I was them, I wouldn't throw stones in a glass house when in the next sentence they state
"Color of Change is a fringe organization founded by '9/11 truther' and one-time communist Van Jones

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