Saturday, April 27, 2013

South Dakota- Forces Dems to Join ALEC

Why did South Dakota force Democrats to join ALEC?
"Now that we are all [ALEC] members – you can’t use it against us in the campaign."
Yep – folks – that is in the radio clip below!!!
South Dakota state Sen. Jason Frerichs talks to Mike McFeely about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and how it is affecting the South Dakota legislature.

KFGO Radio – AM790


What in the heck is the Executive Legislative Board doing?
$5,000 per legislator – that doesn’t go in the pocket of South Dakotans (goes out of state)
Now we are all [ALEC] members – you can’t use it against us in the campaign.
We don’t need ALEC – we already have two BI-PARTISAN organizations we can belong to.

[It’s a situations of] You scratch my back – I’ll scratch your.
GOP legislators who like to go on their little trips - and play golf -
Another deceitful manipulation of policy to benefit members of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Did your state force Democrats to join ALEC?So we can’t use it againstRepubliCON ALEC members,
in the campaign?

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