Sunday, April 28, 2013

ALEC - keyword search laugh of the day

I actually had someone come into my blog with this series of search words - I would not lie to you:
how much per diem do I get at american legislative exchange council

What a bozo.
Must be a future member of ALEC!

The answer:
Buttwipe - your per diem is 100%.
Corporations pay for your airfare, your parking, your hotel, your registration.
The per diem is known as an "ALEC coporate scholarhip"
In addition:
The ALEC corporations wine and dine you while you are there and make you offers of great consequence so they can get you to do their bidding.

When it comes to ALEC meetings:
Don't worry about  money - the corporations take care of everything for you!

What you really have to worry about is your soul 
burning in hell for attending a meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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