Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nikki Haley (SC - ALEC Governor) - Has a Challenger

Well, well, well,
South Carolina gets another chance to redeem themselves.

Moderate Democrat Vincent Sheheen, has announced that he’s going to give his pursuit of the South Carolina Governorship another go in 2014. He lost to Governor Nikki Haley by 4 points in 2010. I know he’s running again because my Halifax Media-owned local right-wing newspaper revealed his intention in a minimal coverage story on page C-3. Had the situation been reversed and Sheheen was the sitting Governor, there would have been giant front-page headlines “HALEY TO CHALLENGE GOVERNOR.” A picture of Haley covering half the page would have been an imperative.

But this is South Carolina and Haley is a power player fully under the thumb of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Club for Growth and other nationally powerful interest groups.

Nikki Haley paying her way to be a Legacy member of ALEC – that would mean she is a lifetime member – paying $5,000 to ALEC to have her, adulterous butt kissed by peon ALEC members who pay only $50 a year.

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