Saturday, April 27, 2013

Corporate Lobbyists To Bring 500 Legislators To OKC

Since corporations pay for HUGE amounts of money every year to provide "scholarships" for ALEC state legislators to attend the meeting in Oklahoma City I thought they should get appropriate recognition for their expenses.

- I thought that my blog title was more accurate than the title shown in the press release below..

From a press snip this morning from Oklahoma - the site of the next ALEC meeting, May 2 and 3 in OKC.
ALEC To Bring 500 Legislators To OKC
The Okie on April, 27th 2013
National legislative group to meet in city

By Michael McNutt | Published: April 27, 2013

About 500 people, mostly lawmakers from across the country, are expected to converge next week in Oklahoma City for the spring meeting of an organization that promotes free-market and conservative ideas.
NO - the corporations are bringing 500 legislators to OKC.

Because ALEC meeting attendance is secret and ALEC membership is secret – there is no way to know that the statement made above is true.
It is my opinion that the paragraph above is misleading to the general public..
Cause, there is probably an equal mix of legislators, right wing stink tanks and corporate/trade association lobbyists at most ALEC meetings - equal mix.

A new name for corporate lobbyists.

    From the 1995 ALEC Annual Meeting Program
    In San Diego, more than 1,500 state legislators, 1,000 government affairs
    representatives, 200 association executives and 200 public policy experts
    will gather to discuss the issues challenging the states and the nation.
        1500 legislators
        1000 lobbyists
        200 lobbyist from trade associations
        200 right wing think tank experts

    1500 legislators
    1400 people trying to influence them
    ALEC reported this – not me – they are proud of it.

A new name for corporate lobbyists.
ALEC will hold its spring task force summit Thursday and Friday at the Cox Convention Center.

May 2 and 3 - the meeting where the extremist, right-wing, pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council reviews & votes on "ALEC model legislation".
Hope it makes the news.

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