Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maher (SD-ALEC) - ALEC Corporations "You Learn from Them"

Oh my. more ALEC friendly crap in the papers today.
This time in New Mexico - a reporter that is jumping forward to defend South Dakota's decision to force ALL legislators to belong to ALEC.

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — South Dakota Democrats and Republicans are at odds over using taxpayer money to pay for state lawmakers' memberships in an organization that describes itself as a nonpartisan think tank dedicated to free markets and limited government.

ALEC can describe itself as anything it wants – that does not mean what they are telling the public is true.  And ALEC is definitely NOT bi-partisan, unless you consider blue dog Dems (DINOs) that make up 2% of ALEC’s membership.

"I would look at it as education, education, education," said Sen. Deb Peters, R-Hartford, South Dakota state chairwoman for ALEC. "Our legislators will get better the more they get to interact with other legislators (from other states)."
That's your opinion!
I would look at it as lobbying, lobbying, lobbying
I would call it payola, payola, payola – when you consider the “scholarships”

Because “legislators” interact with corporate lobbyists (from other states) – corporations that bring pre-written, pro-corporate legislation to ALEC meeting for consideration – behind closed doors, in secret.

Is she also the SD legislator that said:

"Now that we are all [ALEC] members – you can’t use it against us in the campaign."
Democrats say it is inappropriate for the state to pay for lawmakers' membership in an organization that Democrats believe is a conservative group dominated by Republicans and big business.
Good on them!
"Clearly, they're a very pro-large corporation advocacy group," said House Minority Leader Bernie Hunhoff, D-Yankton. "They have a right to exist. The problem is taxpayer dollars shouldn't be supporting that."
YES, they are.
And no – taxpayers shouldn’t pay for dues to the partisan, right wing, extremist organization American Legislative Exchange Council.
The $5,250 cost to buy ALEC memberships for all South Dakota lawmakers is cheap compared to the other two groups in which the Legislature participates — the National Conference of State Legislatures and the Council of State Governments, both long-standing nonpartisan groups of state officials.

NOPE – you would see that SD is paying for TWO YEARS worth of ALEC membership at $100 per legislator – for EVERY legislator – 105 x $100 (as noted in the final paragraph).
But then – evidently to this reporter – dues to organizations that promote fascism seem “cheap” in the short-term.
Critics of ALEC say its dues are cheaper because of contributions from billionaire business people who control the group's agenda and influence state legislation.
Critics - no - people who deal with FACTS!
Yes sir – that is correct.  99% of ALEC’s $6 Million in revenue comes from corporations and foundations.
Sen. Ryan Maher, R-Isabel, said interactions with corporate people at ALEC meetings are positive.
Oh – I bet they are.
Especially after the corporations have paid for legislators to be there – providing corporate “scholarships” that cover  travel, room and registration expenses to ALEC meetings – just so the corporations can introduce pro-corporate legislation.
"You can learn from them," Maher said. "What better opportunity than to sit down with these people and have a discussion and promote the state of South Dakota as a tax-friendly state?"
A corporate tax friendly state.
What about the real constituents of South Dakota – The PEOPLE – couldn’t you learn from them?
Democrats have asked that the state not purchase ALEC memberships for them. Maher, who oversees legislator travel as chairman of the executive board, said the Legislature might buy 105 ALEC memberships as a group or might just reimburse the membership fees for any lawmakers who join the council.
" said the Legislature might buy 105 ALEC memberships as a group "
Really - Really??????
So the Dems have no control over whether or not you force them to join ALEC – Really?

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