Thursday, April 25, 2013

IA ALEC State Chair -" ALL House and Senate - Members of ALEC"

OOPS in Iowa
IOWA DEMS – better ask the accounting department if accounting paid for Dems to be ALEC members this year.
The accounting department should immediately verify which legislators were made members of ALEC by the state automatically paying ALEC dues

Why  ... Cause the DEMS opted OUT- - - -

OOPS in Iowa
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Rep. Greg Forristall ignored a request to release information about the May 2-3 meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), where he will serve as Chair of the Education Task Force, according to correspondence released by Progress Iowa today. Forristall also claimed that all Iowa legislators are members of ALEC, despite reports to the contrary from members of the Iowa House and Senate.

“Mr. Sinovic, All Senate and House members of the Iowa Legislature are members of ALEC, NCSL, and CSG.”

However, the Iowa House Democratic caucus sent a request before the legislative session that none their members join ALEC.

Take the time to read the whole article

The information in the article and the attached emails is pretty disgusting.

Another example of the nastiness of ALEC legislators, protecting the secretive and extremist American Legislative Exchange Council.

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