Thursday, April 18, 2013

NRA Owns the US Senate, Among Other Corporations

The inability of the US Senate to pass legislation on background checks.

This is not about the filibuster.
This is not about Harry Reid
It is not about RWNJ's
It is not about liberals
This is not about the super-majority needed
This is not about conflicting amendments

This is about the voice of the people being totally ignored.
Think about it -
When was the last time elected government officials - listened to the people.

We use to be a representative government, of, for, by the people.
That has changed folks

It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat, Independent or a Republican.
It's time to fucking wake up, people - real people, homo-sapiens.
Take the damn blinders off, folks and see what is really happening.

ALEC started this 40 years ago by intentionally bringing corporations into the political process.
ALEC started this 40 years when they told corporations - come on in - write legislation - buy legislators scholarships - you - the corporations need more control of the government.

This is not just about the NRA.
This is about Monsanto, Comcast, AT&T and other corporations also.
This is about known ALEC corporate members controlling our government at the state and federal level.
This is about known ALEC corporate members controlling the flow of legislation through our state and federal government.

This is about corporate profit.
This is about CORPORATIONS controlling our government.
This is about fascism.

The American Legislative Exchange Council is directly responsible for the destruction of representative government - of, for, by the people.


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