Saturday, April 27, 2013

Banz (OK with ALEC) - Spreads ALEC Propaganda to OK

Oh, my - - - - when are they going to learn - and just give it up!!

BY STATE REP. GARY BANZ | Published: April 27, 2013     

Next week, hundreds of legislators from around the country will gather in Oklahoma City for the      (ALEC) Spring Task Force meetings.
I hope it makes the news!
While some suggest that exchanging ideas and learning from other legislators is a bad idea, I believe lifelong learning and exposure to a variety of viewpoints makes me a better lawmaker.
Lifelong learning of ALEC extremist agendas 

Exchanging ideas “from other legislators – get a life – stop lying
From the 1995 ALEC Annual Meeting Program
In San Diego, more than 1,500 state legislators, 1,000 government affairs representatives, 200 association executives and 200 public policy experts will gather to discuss the issues challenging the states and the nation.
1500 legislators
1000 lobbyists
200 lobbyist from trade associations
200 right wing think tank experts

1500 legislators
1400 people trying to influence them
ALEC provides a valuable educational opportunity that helps me make more informed legislative decisions and makes me a better advocate for my constituents.
ALEC provides a valuable extremist educational opportunity
"makes me a better advocate for my constituents" - ALEC Corporate members 
They know that I am accessible and I will listen. Together we seek to find solutions to the issues facing our state.
Accessible to ALEC corporate lobbyists members
Corporate solutions for the state 
Engaging in the democratic process is the best way to secure reasonable consensus for a plan of action.
A plan of action for ALEC Corporations.
ALEC corporations and ALEC state legislators with an equal voice and an equal VOTE on the legislation that ALEC is going to pass at this meeting in Oklahoma City. 
Representative democracy requires participation where ideas are shared and the best ideas are advanced.
ALEC corporations and ALEC state legislators
Each with an equal voice and an equal VOTE on the legislation that ALEC is going to pass at this meeting. 
In legislatures around the country, constituents and citizen groups foster ideas, participate in discussions and provide their points of view to lawmakers.
Where in the hell do “constituents and citizen groups” fit into the ALEC model of governance?
THEY DON’T and he knows it.
This process is important to the survival of our republic.
The process of corporations writing laws is important to the establishment of fascism – not a democratic republic that is supposed to be of, for, and by the PEOPLE.
I'm a legislator first and an ALEC member second. It's that simple.
Nope, you are an ALEC state legislator.
ALEC is America's largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization, comprising nearly a third of America's state legislators.
ALEC is a partisan extremist right-wing, secretive membership organization
A third of all legislators is way too high - we HAVE TO VOTE THEM OUT of office. 
 I'm a member of the organization because it provides opportunity for citizen groups, business leaders and lawmakers to share experiences and develop state-based, pro-growth policies.
But NOT “We the People” 
I want what's best for Oklahoma.
Should be - - - I want what's best for ALEC corporations in Oklahoma.
ALEC provides the resources to help me achieve that goal.
No one has a monopoly on good ideas.
“No one has a monopoly on good ideas.”   
Fourth time I have seen this in the last two weeks – it must be the new ALEC mantra.

Unfortunately ALEC believes THEY have a monopoly on ideas and they use their ALEC state legislators to manipulate the market, 
destroy union representation,
destroy government entitites,
destroy public education and 
steal tax dollars to subsidize and increase corporate profits
– through ALEC promulgated legislation 
like the bills that Banz will pick up at the ALEC meeting in Oklahoma City. 
And with the best ideas, I'm committed to helping lead Oklahoma on the path to prosperity.
A path to prosperity for ALEC corporate sector members. 
                   Banz, R-Midwest City, represents District 101 in the Oklahoma House.

Gary Banz – a legislative member spreading misinformation about the secretive, extremist, pro-corporate, ultraconservative, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council.

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