Saturday, February 25, 2012

Haley (SC) - Lies About ALEC

I saw this snip earlier this week when researching the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and tried to find something more substantial on it and could not until today.

Dennis Shreefer, a former WSPA anchor from Roebuck, walked away less pleased with his visit with the governor.

Shreefer said he asked Haley questions about what she knows about the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council in state government, from the group's model bills introduced by members of the General Assembly to Haley's own connection to the group.

“I didn't think she was very forthcoming,” said Shreefer, who declined to give his age. “I'm not calling her a liar, I just think she knows more than what she was telling me.”

Shreefer said he left Haley's staff with several Freedom of Information Act requests related to the issue
I found the entire report on it today and there is the repetition of a theme that is predominant amongst ALEC members.
As the ‘meeting’ progressed, it was clear that Haley had almost nothing for me. She said there were a lot of ALEC members in the legislature, but only ended up naming two. She allowed as how she had gone to a couple of meetings in Chicago and San Francisco but insisted that she had paid for her travel and lodging even when her own ethics filings indicated the she had been gifted and reimbursed by ALEC. She also ducked any meaningful answer about why her ethics report said she paid a $1,000 membership fee as a South Carolina House member prior to being elected governor. I believe the basic legislator membership was in the neighborhood of $100. Higher dues are for higher positions.

Haley pleaded ignorance of any knowledge of ALEC model legislation currently sweeping the General Assembly floor. I threw out the example of a Senator ‘Chip’ Campsen who is in the process of pushing a Voter ID bill that comes straight off the ALEC presses. She said she didn’t know a thing about it or an earlier piece of legislation whose sponsor didn’t even bother to change the ALEC title. Considering ALEC calls a goodly number of the shots in her legislature, she was sure acting dumb. And dumb she’s not.

No – She’s not dumb – she’s an ALEC liar – just like the whole lot of them.

Oh, and by the way – her $1,000 ALEC membership – that’s ONE of FIVE payments for an ALEC LEGACY membership - ONE of FIVE payments you will see on her South Carolina ethics report,  A HUNDRED times the average $50 yearly dues a legislator pays - so Nikki Haley can get special treatment.  So if SC is reimbursing her for these costs - $5,000 from the State of South Carolina - for SPECIAL treatment by ALEC, to fund the ALEC capital campaign.

Your contribution to the Legacy Membership Program will be held in a dedicated capital fund for the future growth and support of ALEC’s ongoing struggle to promote liberty
The following benefits will be extended to Legacy Members, after the Charter membership limit is met:
ü   Designation as a Legacy Member of ALEC.
ü   A $100 registration fee to attend all ALEC meetings and conferences for life.
ü   A certificate honoring the Legacy Member for his or her dedication and commitment to ALEC and a permanent name badge indicating his or her designation as a Legacy Member.
ü   Invitation to all Membership and Policy events held in their state. n Invitation to VIP events at ALEC meetings.
ü   Receive all ALEC mailings and participate in one designated Task Force.
ü   Direct access to a designated ALEC staff member for assistance.
 She's a liar – South Carolina – a liar and liars do not belong in public service.

There is something
VERY VERY wrong and dangerous about ALEC
when their members lie
about their membership and activities
the American Legislative Exchange Council

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