Saturday, February 25, 2012

Janssen (NE) Lies About ALEC Membership

In a report that was published today - please watch the video on the report also - the following statements by Charlie Janssen are noted (my emphasis):
Then. Janssen said, "You know what, the first time I've talked about ALEC in two years is when you inquired about it."

"I'm not a member of ALEC.  I've never attended an ALEC function either here in Lincoln or they have national conventions," added the Fremont Senator.

Dorland handed him a document that still lists the Senator on a big ALEC committee. 

Janssen admitted, "Yeah, on my first year here I, I signed up for ALEC and then let my dues lapse."

Did he let his "membership"  lapse before or after he accepted the assignment to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
Commerce, Insurance & Economic Development Task Force
Did he phone in as a member of this task force?

From Inside ALEC January 2009 - page 9
Once you have joined, please contact your ALEC State Chair to be appointed to a Task Force and to learn about other opportunities.

Doesn't go to ALEC meetings IN LINCOLN - how convenient - do they have meetings in Lincoln?

"they have national conventions" - so what?  Is that ALECspeak - the fact that ALEC has conventions does NOT disavow your membership in ALEC.

His "first year here" was 2008  - NOT 2011 which is the year the ALEC Exposed received the documents that they used for their wiki.

Does ALEC hold some kind of seminar on
"How to Lie to the Media - without looking like you are actually Lying"
at all their meetings every year.

Hey, Janssen – why do ya lie about ALEC?
ü      You lie about the organization that puts pre-written legislation in your grubby little hand just by visiting the ALEC “Members Only” webpage – which is now “outed”?
ü      You lie about the organization that reaffirms your commitment to free-market philosophy at the expense of representative government?
ü      You lie about the organization that you belong to that wants to privatize all government services and turn them over to the ALEC Corporate Sector / Private Enterprise members?
ü      You lie about your membership in an organization whose corporate sponsors help you write legislation – legislation / government by the corporations and for the corporations?
ü      You lie - about belonging - when in fact you are a "task force" member?

Yo! – Janssen - are you embarrassed to acknowledge your relationship with ALEC?

I would be –
but then, I wouldn’t be a member of an organization
that in my opinion subverts democracy in the United States.

He’s a liar – Nebraska – a liar and liars do not belong in public service.

There is something
VERY VERY wrong and dangerous about ALEC
when their members lie
about belonging to the American Legislative Exchange Council

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