Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TSA Has Me Tagged

Rated X for language.
There will probably be a lot of “F” BOMBS in this entry – so if that bothers you – pass on by.

To start, you need to know that my life has been pretty quiet and pretty anonymous for the most part.  Travel has been for me – just a nuisance – sometimes a little more than a nuisance.


But that all changed on December 1 when I came home from the protest against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Snottsdale, Arizona.

Airline travel became a fucking pain the ass started the day after the Snottsdale protest.

That’s when the fucking ALEC corporations started screwing with my travel.

When I left Arizona after the Snottsdale protest – I got to the airport and had to go through the body snatcher x-ray machine AND then I was wanded AND THEN a body pat down.  Why – who the hell knows, but I figured it wasn’t worth writing about - at the time - because it was a fluke in my travel experiences – but … was kinda thinking it probably had something to do with ALEC.

Well…. I don’t consider it a fluke anymore.  And I do consider it connected to ALEC.

I just took a trip and I have come to the conclusion that what happened at the Phoenix airport after the Snottsdale protest was anything but a fluke.

When I left on my most current trip, I got to the airport and guess what happened to me? 
They pulled me aside while they wanded my laptop, required me to start and boot up my laptop and only then would they allow me to pass through security.  I remember waaaaay back when –being asked to boot up your laptop was kinda of the norm – when the TSA first came into existence – but you rarely see that done anymore.

But, oh no…. the story doesn’t end there!

Then on my return flight home – again out of Phoenix – I had to go through the body snatcher x-ray machine – had to endure a full body patdown and had to open, boot up my laptop (again) AND I had to start my Word program - talk about fucking bullshit.

Coincidence – Hell no – this all started after the ALEC protest in Snottsdale.
Coincidence – Hell no – not when it happens three times in a row.
Coincidence – Hell no – someone is trying to send a message to me.
Coincidence – Hell no – since I don’t use my name on my blog – this has all been done by photoimaging from the Snottsdale protest – by, for and of ALEC.

I have never encountered anything like this in over ten years. Nothing!!! and now every single consecutive airport visit.

This is what fascism looks like.
This is what happens when corporations are in cahoots – in bed with – aka f#cking our politicians – using the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as their condom – so no nasty diseases are spread with the money that goes into the offshore bank accounts.

This is what happens when democracy and government by, of, and for the people is lost and the corporations take over.

This is the face of ALEC!  You screw with them and every corporation that is a private sector member of theirs will fuck with you until the end of your life –because ALEC asked them to – not because it needs to be done.  Why?  because ALEC can and because there is no one to stop them in their pursuits.  The only reason to do this type of shit is to try and quiet the dissenting voices that are out there – voices that are starting to talk very loudly, very harmoniously,  and very frequently against ALEC. 

The corporate sector members of ALEC cannot afford to have people who are willing to stand up against ALEC.  If ALEC is gone – the corporate connection to the government begins to disintegrate.  So the ALEC corporations will use any means available to them to get the people who might be talking against them to be silenced or feel threatened.

ALEC and ALEC corporations have been planning and plotting for almost 30 years for a fascist United States.  The final step is just within reach - ALEC corporations ruling the Fascist United States is being threatened and trust me – ALEC corporations have spent a huge amount of money to get where they are right now and they are not going to give up without a fight.

Well – ALEC, you and your legislators and your corporate sector /private enterprise members can – GO FUCK YOURSELVES! 

You see… when you screw with an old fart like me the only thing that you do is piss me off – you bring me to my keyboard more often - you make me more determined to expose you for what you are – an anti-democracy bunch of jackasses that are all interested in corporate profit and Cayman Island bank accounts and could give a shit about the people of the United Sates.  ALEC and their members are a bunch of fucking freaks.

You fuckers can delay me at the airport and I will only come to the airport earlier to put up with the corporate harassment and bullshit you have designed for me.  Then I will sit down in a chair – write about what happened – hook up to Wifi and fry your ALEC ass on the internet.

You fuckers can come to my house and confiscate my computers – but guess what you assholes – I have multiple daily backups of everything, and it will take a long time for you fuckers to quiet this voice.

  • I am getting really sick and tired of ALEC – owning our legislators and pushing common people around with the corporate ties that they have.
  • I am getting really sick and tired of ALEC – and the corporations owning our legislators.
  • I am getting really sick and tired of ALEC – wielding their influence and power – not only through their legislators – but also through their corporate members to fuck up the lives of normal citizens – like me.
  • ALEC – and all it’s members are a bunch of traitors!
ALEC –working behind the scenes to ensure the establishment of a fascist regime. 


Thom Hartmann – doesn’t use that word anymore because he believes that – you the reader -  are too dumb to know what it means.  I think my readers are a hell of a lot smarter that that.  If not – let me fill you in – it is when the corporations run the government!  Guess what it is happening and ALEC is their tool to get it done (And no, Hitler wasn’t a fascist -, he was a Nazi and there’s a difference.)

Thom Hartmann doesn’t use that phrase anymore because he is afraid of the connotation that is associated with the word.  Well, my question is “When do we speak the truth?” – “Really people, at what point do you want to know that fascist danger is staring you in the face?”

What happened at the airports is a nuisance to me – but it makes me fucking mad.
What happened to me at the airports is a nuisance to me but it proves to me beyond a reasonable doubt how far the reach of ALEC extends and how incredibly fucking dangerous ALEC has become.

It is moments like this that I swear that I will use every ounce of my time and energy to destroy ALEC and I say that just before I board my flight home.

ALEC – FUCK YOU – all of you – your legislators, your alumni/ae and your corporate sector/private enterprise members. 
You are all assholes and the people of the United States will destroy you and that is my promise for today.

This is what democracy looks like.
Please plan on coming to Charlotte the weekend of May 11 and 12 to protest ALEC.  This is a peaceful protest and the plans look great.  If you are looking to start trouble, stay home.  Trouble serves no purpose.  We don’t need or want trouble - we need dedication and determination – not destruction.  We need the people of Charlotte and around the world to see us as peaceful demonstrators working against an evil that has infected our democratic United States. 

We will be peaceful, but truthful and loud – and those ALEC fuckers in the Westin will just have to figure out - how they are going to shove their head up their ass - to hide their identity when they leave the building or are at the airport.  I’d be more than happy to help them.  A heady rectal exam might just be the ticket to make me feel better.

Looking forward to seeing my state representatives there – maybe we can have a drink together in the Westin bar. See ya there, my little ALEC sweetie pie!

Looking forward to my flights to Charlotte – and the asshole TSA – and their intrusive, unneeded searches, maybe they can do a rectal exam this time – done on behalf of ALEC and their Corporate Sector / Private Enterprise Members and NOT as a security measure to protect the people of the United States.  Fascism in its purist form.  A government agency being run of, by and for the corporations.  Security theater.

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