Saturday, February 11, 2012

Microsoft Can Shove Their Updates

I am not writing this because Microsoft is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – which by the way they are.

I am writing this because of the inane stupidity of Microsoft and their inability to do things that are user friendly for the people who get stuck with their damn software.

I have an OLD desktop at home that is Windows.  Years ago I turned off the Microsoft Windows updates – completely - and from time to time wonder if I made a mistake, but it runs just fine – so most times I don’t think about it.


I just bought a new laptop, so I can travel and still blog and so I can do presentations at teach-ins (about ALEC of course.)

This isn’t a dumpy laptop – I’m sure some of you have much nicer laptops, but it was what I could afford at the time (on sale of course).  It’s a Dell/Inspiron N7010, Intel Pentium with 2.5 gHrz, with a dual core, 4 gigs.  Not fancy – but I bought it to get a job done!

Well –
  the day I started it up Windows had to do an update.
  The day after Windows had to do an update
  The next day Windows had to do an update
  And yesterday Windows had to do an update.
All the time, every update is slowing down my computer, slowing down my web research – slowing down my response by my computer programs and just plan pissing me off.

So I went in and changed the settings – so that the updates weren’t automatic. 
Now I tell it when it can do an update.
Well that didn’t help.  

This morning – five days after I opened the damn box and booted up my computer for the first time – Microsoft spent over 45 minutes loading three lousy Windows updates, AGAIN! 

I had things to do and places to go, so 45 minutes later
when it was 95% done updating
– I said ENOUGH and aborted the update.

THEN, I went to shut down my laptop and it had to load the updates – which 32 minutes later it still wasn’t done loading update #1.

I had things to do and places to go.
I'm on vacation - I have to watch my battery life! 
I only have rare opportunities to recharge my batteries. 

Well – I don’t have time for Microsoft to delay my productivity when it comes to letting the world know about ALEC.
I am pissed that Microsoft thinks their updates are more important than my battery life.

I am pissed that Microsoft thinks that their updates are more important than the electricity being wasted to load their updates.

I am pissed at Microsoft that they can’t build a decent mousetrap – one that doesn’t require updates every twelve seconds of every day.

So this computer is probably going to go the route of my desktop – I am going turn off the updates.

        because they are too time consuming,
        because they slow down my computer response,
        because nothing, anywhere should require updating multiple times a day – every day,
        because they are wasting electricity,
        and they are wasting my battery life,
        and most of all because they are a nuisance and they pissed me off

I booted up my new computer on 2/9/2012.
2/12 - end of day
68 fucking updates - 68 damn updated in four days.
Today alone 8 updates that took over an hour to first load the updates and then to update the files.  AND the kicker is that half way through update 4 of 8, I get a popup telling me my battery is low - bastards.
Almost an hour of battery time - or almost an hour of wasted electricity - because Windows is such a piece of shit.
Proves what a bunch of shit Windows is. 

And as far as I’m concerned – Microsoft can shove their updates.

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