Sunday, February 19, 2012

MN ALEC Voting ID to Cost MN $20 Million+

Found this report tonight and thought that a snip of it was worth sharing.

The report is easy to read and contains good information regarding multiple states.
Legislation is pending in Minnesota to require photo ID at the polls and create a database to scan voter IDs. The Minnesota County Attorneys Association has found that proponents’ allegations that the legislation is necessary to combat voter fraud are “frivolous.” The Association citing a comprehensive investigation of voting improprieties finding that only 26 people had been convicted of illegal voting (improperly voting with a felony conviction) in the last two years – representing 0.00089 percent of votes cast in 2008.81 Because they did not involve voter impersonation, the improprieties would not have been prevented by a photo ID requirement.82 Opponents also contend that the legislation would disenfranchise vulnerable populations.83 The state’s governor, Mark Dayton, while stopping short of saying he would veto the bill, has indicated that he would not sign the legislation, which could cost the state $20 million to implement
This Minnesota Common Cause report – outlines in detail the costs.
While at first glance it may seem like a simple mandate, the implementation of this mandate will require significant changes to the state’s election system. It would cost over $84 million over 3 years for H.F 210 and over $25 million for H.F. 89. This comes at the same time that the legislature is struggling with a $5 billion budget deficit.
And there is this piece from the League of Women Voters of Minneapolis
Requiring a government-issued photo identification card of registered voters is costly, not needed, and harmful.

Minnesota is facing a $6.2 billion deficit. Yet, taxpayers would bear additional state and local election costs if a photo ID law is enacted. These costs include
ü      providing free ID cards to those who need them;
ü      creating a federally required provisional balloting system;
ü      educating citizens and elections staff about the photo ID requirement and provisional balloting system; and
ü      increasing the number of election judges at the polls on Election Day.

Missouri estimated in 2006 that a new voter ID law would cost $18 million in addition to existing election costs in the first three years after the law was enacted.
ü      State General Revenue Fund: $5.6 million (first year), $3.9 million (second year) and $4.4 million (third year).
ü      Local government funds: more than $1.8 million (first year) and at least $1.2 million the following two years.

If there is a photo ID requirement for registered voters in Minnesota, a federal law requires that provisional balloting be provided, thus Minnesota’s costs would be higher than those estimated by Missouri, which already had provisional ballots.

So instead of woeking on JOBS for MINNESOTANS  ... 
the MN legislators that belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are trying to find more ways to waste taxpayers money - money we don't even have in the state treasury.

Fiscally IRRESPONSIBLE MN ALEC legislators..

Guess that the ALEC Republicans are more than happy to spend our money on Voting systems we don’t need and hurt our citizens – while they slash systems that help and support the citizens of Minnesota.

Minnesota ALEC Legislators
are taking the state in the wrong direction
and they must NOT be re-elected!!!!!

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