Saturday, February 4, 2012

You're a Senior Citizen Who Votes Republican? REALLY????


Read the news much?  Paying attention?

Washington, DC – The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted today to repeal the portion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would set up a long-term care program for millions of seniors and people of all ages with disabilities who will need help paying for the daily at-home care they require to live independently. For those who need care and can’t afford it, the existing system pushes them into nursing homes at taxpayers’ expense. The repeal effort is designed to perpetuate that system, which is financed mostly by Medicaid – even as states are struggling to maintain the Medicaid funding they already have.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)  - OBAMA-Care

Nearly one-third of Medicaid spending goes to long-term care. The ACA includes a provision called the CLASS Act that was an attempt to create a new way for people to plan for future expenses and finance the in-home assistance they will need, such as hiring a home caregiver to help with tasks of daily living without requiring families to impoverish themselves to qualify for Medicaid.

The Class ACT - OBAMA-Care

“As Republicans across the country step up their efforts to cut state and federal Medicaid budgets in their permanent war against the middle class, experts agree that the nation must devise a long-term care plan. It’s simple math: while two-thirds of the population is likely to need long-term care, few seniors can independently afford the staggering private cost of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Half of retirees have less than $55,000 in assets, and nursing homes charge about $75,000 each year”

Yeh - baby -  That's you or your sister or your brother or your cousin or your...
Republicans across the country are trying to screw you over in your old age.

“Once again, the Republicans are punishing the American people in an attempt to hurt President Obama politically, even if that means repealing the only health reform provision that could someday help seniors and people with disabilities live independently and stay out of nursing homes. The CLASS Act may not be ready for implementation yet, but the Republicans showed that they will never help seniors live with dignity and independence.

OBAMA-Care = Dignity and Independence

Republicans - Will leave us with old folks home that have no money available  to run on.
Republicans will push you in a corner and let the cobwebs grow over you and your wheelchair.
Republicans want you to spend all your money on long-term care, the "staggering cost of long-term care"   - so there Is NOTHING left for your family. 
Republicans want the long-term care corporations to have huge profits while you leave nothing to your family.

Dignity and Independence
The Class Act

And Republicans do not want that for YOU!

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