Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NH & MN - Introduce ALEC in the same week!!

AN ACT relative to criteria for the government regulation of occupations and professions.

This bill establishes criteria for the regulation of occupations and professions by boards and commissions as authorized by law, and provides that an individual may engage in a legal occupation without being subject to laws that regulate the occupation or profession which are arbitrary, unnecessary, or substantially burdensome.
“Certification” means a voluntary program for which the
legislature establishes the criteria to grant recognition to a person who
(1) has met certain predetermined qualifications and
(2) may use “certified” as a designated title. Non-certified
persons may also perform the occupation for compensation
but the use of the title
“certified” by a non-certified person is illegal.

A bill for an act relating to occupational regulation; ensuring a person may pursue a lawful occupation free from unnecessary regulations; stating a right to engage in an occupation to create a greater number of jobs; specifying conditions for government regulation of occupations to protect against misuse of occupational regulations to reduce competition and increase prices to consumers; proposing coding for new law as Minnesota Statutes, chapter 213.

Subd. 2. Certification. "Certification" is a voluntary program for which the legislature establishes the criteria to grant recognition to a person who
(1) has met certain predetermined qualifications and
(2) may use "certified" as a designated title. Noncertified
persons may also perform the occupation for compensation,
but the use of the title
"certified" by a noncertified person is illegal.
For the purposes of this chapter, the term certification is not intended to be synonymous with "licensing" or "license
They actually have the cajones to put the real reason behind this bill right in the bill (my emphasis)

III.(a) An individual has a right to engage in a lawful occupation.
 (b) No government shall require an occupational license, certification, registration, or other occupational regulation that imposes a substantial burden on the person unless the government demonstrates that it has a compelling interest in protecting against present and recognizable harm to the public health and safety, and the regulation is the least restrictive means to furthering that compelling government interest.
Where in the hell would they both get the idea to do this?
In the same month - about the same topic?
In the same month - both trying to get rid of government regulation?

Well from ALEC, of course!

WHEREAS, the members of the American Legislative Exchange Counsel (ALEC) oppose unnecessary and burdensome government regulations on commerce and individual citizens, and;
WHEREAS, ALEC opposes the implementation of occupational licenses, certifications, and or registrations unless needed to protect immediate health, safety, or welfare of the public, and;
WHEREAS, ALEC believes reducing occupational licensing requirements will increase economic prosperity and employment in the states, and;
WHEREAS, many current types licensure should be made optional rather than mandatory as this may provide a competitive advantage for businesses who choose licensure while reducing costs for consumers, and;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, ALEC calls on state legislatures to review current occupational licensing laws in order to establish if commerce is better served by a less restrictive means such as voluntary registration and certification or no occupationalregulation at all, and;

Boy I bet the private sector member of ALEC
are getting ready to send big checks
to New Hampshire and Minnesota  ALEC members

– Get ‘er done kids, Get ‘er done.  Big money's just  waiting for you.

Now think about it folks!!!  Really think about it!!!

Who do you want protecting your safety?
The government or
ALEC private sector members
    - who are only concerned with profit and pleasing shareholders
           and NOT about you!!!

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