Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo Goes Viral - and I Missed It

Maybe you did also - so I'll put this out there for you.

From HuffPo on Friday, 2/24 - - -

There is so much wrong this story and the image.

There is so much being told in this story and this image.

There is so much divisiveness portrayed by this whole thing.
Divisiveness that is unnecessary
Divisiveness that is uncalled for
Divisiveness - becausetheycan

Good for him / her - they made it to the 1%.
But is it necessary to shove the 99%'s nose in it?
Yes, becausetheycan.

Is it important to prove your superiority?
Yes, becausetheycan.

Does it give him/her a sense of accomplishment to do this?
How superior this 1%er feels in their world!

Tell me - what does a "real job" look like to the 99%?

It's time that they realized that they have left the 99% to clean up their shit
- literally and figuratively speaking.
And that - my folks - is the "real job" in today's economic disaster.

What does this portrayal in inhumanity really show?
Fear?  Anger?  Disdain? 

This is so sad, it is "breaks my heart" sad, and made even more stunning by the following facts.

More 99%ers have lost their jobs because of the 1% -
than 1%ers have lost their jobs because of the 99%

Number of arrests of the 99% - over 6,000 - for waking up America!
Banksters arrested for destroying our economy - NONE.

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