Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MN Voter ID Experiment - is Misleading

Just like ALEC - right wingers experimented on Minnesotans last night at the caucus in one town.

The right wing media in Minneapolis (and that is all we have) is falling all over themselves this morning to report that ALEC’s Voter ID - works.

Because last night in one suburb,
caucus goers allowed a resident from their precinct
to scan their personal and private information
into an Excel program that he designed
– so he could prove a point.

He proved a point all right – that right wingers are the dumbest people in the world when it comes to the security of their personal information.

Voters handed over their driver's licenses to enter precinct caucuses in Stillwater Tuesday night and watched as volunteers quickly swiped the card's magnetic strip and transferred their names and addresses into a laptop computer.

The sign next to the laptop said it all: "Voter ID Demo Here." While this was a Republican caucus, not a polling place, the slick downloading of information from license to laptop was meant to show that a photo ID requirement for voters -- like the one Republican legislators want to put on the ballot -- could be accomplished without election day drama.

While a statewide voting system would be more complex, he said the demonstration was meant to show the efficiency of ID-card reading.

"We're hoping that people will understand how very simple a process this can be," Westrup said

  ...and caucus coordinator Joe Westrup purchased a pair of the $25 devices as part of an effort to demonstrate the practicality of such a requirement.

Westrup wrote a simple program to scan the bar code of caucus-goers’ Driver’s Licenses and push the data into a spreadsheet. He said he was a certified financial planner with no technological background.
None of the articles say how many people did not use his machine.
None of the articles say how many people did not have the appropriate ID for his machine and data gathering.

Stillwater – the Home of Michele Bachmann – literally.
Stillwater – No public transportation – everyone probably drove to the polls last night.

Median household income 2006-2010
Median household income 2006-2010

White persons, percent, 2010 (a)
White persons, percent, 2010(a)

Black persons, percent, 2010 (a) 
Black persons, percent, 2010(a)

American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2010 (a)
American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2010(a) Minnesota

Living in same house 1 year & over, 2006-2010

Language other than English spoken at home, pct age 5+, 2006-2010 
Language other than English spoken at home, pct age 5+, 2006-2010 

Homeownership rate, 2006-2010

Persons below poverty level, percent, 2006-2010 

Persons 65 years and over, percent, 2010 

Washington County (Stillwater) – 17.9%
Hennepin County (Minneapolis) – 41.2%
Ramsey county (St Paul) -  54.3%

Stillwater the home of Michele Bachmann.

Stillwater where some guy goes out and buys a scanner and people are dumb enough to give him their personal data to scan into an Excel spreadsheet.

Stillwater – where the Minnesota right wing media did not report how many people did not use the scanner – because they didn’t have the ID needed for Mr. Westrup needed.

Stillwater - where the term "voter fraud" could take on a whole new meaning.

Stillwater – a representation of Minnesota and MInnesota voters– NOT!
But you won't see that reported in the MInnesota right wing media!

BTW:  What are you going to do with all that PERSONAL information embedded in the magnetic stripe of all those drivers licenses that you scanned last night , Mr. Westrup?

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