Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking for More Info on ALEC???? Two Really Good Options.

Based on the types of searches that are coming through my blog - it appears that many people are trying to educate themselves on the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC)

I would recommend for anyone looking for information on ALEC to go to
ALEC Exposed
as your first point of research.

Look at the "Featured News"
- read the state reports
- read the major reports
- read about how ALEC and NCSL are different
- look at the "Who is Behind ALEC"
- review the corporate member list
- look at the politicians member list
- look at the model legislation.

REALLY take take to look at this site - it is your best resource for starting your research on ALEC.
After you have reviewed and read their site - then go out and look at what else is out there.

Would also suggest that you go to Daily Kos - to read up on ALEC
Daily Kos has a dedicated group of individuals that have been doing detailed, investigative writing about ALEC for over a year.
Two groups there have a fantastic list of articles on ALEC - be prepared to read!

        Exposing ALEC DKos Group

        Abolish ALEC DKos Group

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